Monday, May 23, 2016

Ellie. 12.

It seems that for several years in a row, poor Ellie has had her birthday disrupted by someone from our family missing on her special day. Two years ago she and Mike were in California for her birthday (American Idol Finale), and last year Megan was gone somewhere (?). This year, Mike and the little boys were in Yellowstone National Park, and Luke went to a camp-out.

But Ellie still had a happy birthday and loved extending the celebration into Sunday when the boys returned home.

I loved Ellie's confidence to wear both birthday glasses and a birthday shirt to school. Had hats been allowed, I've no doubt she would have worn that too.

We're definitely related.

We all got a little burned out from Ellie's favorite birthday present. A karaoke machine that connects to an ipad and gives you pretty much any song you could possibly want. I couldn't help but send a video of Ellie and her friend singing away to my childhood friend, Karen. What we would have given to have had this at that age. (We used the old school blank tapes to record ourselves singing.)

Twelve years old is a milestone in the LDS church. It is time to leave Primary and join the Young Women's program.
Ellie is TWELVE. 


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