Friday, March 6, 2009

Brings Out The Worst In Me

Ok-Perhaps some of you will argue that many things bring out the worst in me, but at this time of year there is one thing in particular I am thinking of...

First let me preface. I have admitted before that I do have a habit of saying a couple of "mommy words." However, I DO NOT and HAVE NOT ever done any "mommy gestures."

Guess what though? I can be driving along the road and from January to April 15 I see those "insert mommy word here" people dressed up like Uncle Sam, The Statue of Liberty, etc. wanting me to do my taxes at their local place of business. It gets me so worked up. I can almost feel the evil forces enter my car and want me to do that which I DON'T do! How could something like a stranger dressed up like a patriotic icon, telling me to honk if I love taxes, tempt me to do something that I HAVE NEVER DONE!!??

Why do they bother me so much? Why does it bring out such negative feelings in me? Do I need a therapist to help with my Dressed-Up Tax Advertisement-induced anger?

I must verbalize my thoughts aloud towards these people. As just the other day, when we were driving by, (and I was having to grip my hands tightly around the steering wheel, to escape any temptations) Luke rudely exclaimed, "Go to college, dumb man!"

Guess I know what our next Family Home Evening lesson needs to be on:
Charity-The Pure Love of Christ!!!!!!


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