Friday, July 31, 2009

Five Kids and A Vacation?

We just returned from a week in Park City. And believe it or not, I actually feel like it was a real vacation. Despite the fact Mike came down to work each day and returned each evening, we felt like we relaxed, played and had a good time.

Some of the highlights are:

Playing games. Scrabble, Monopoly, Phase 10 and SkipBo are the favorites. Dad taught Megan how to play Monopoly. Daddy went bankrupt, and left only Megan and Mom in the game. But after 2 hours, Megan got bored so Daddy took over her spot and WON the game for her.

Kid's Club at Nana's Condo included face painting, coloring beach balls and rootbeer floats. (Thanks Nana)

Nana and Grandpa had a condo at The Canyons the same time, so we spent lots of time at their pool. (Way better than ours.)
Had lots of fun with The Taylors who came up for a couple of days. The kids loved riding the Alpine Slide, Joshua and Court loved riding the airplanes. (Mom and Drew were the official photographers.)
My girls loved doing nails.
My boys loved playing Lincoln Logs and Horse Stables
We all enjoyed our family picnic and fishing at Deer Valley
(Luke caught 21 fish altogether on his 2 fishing trips)
But, seven days in a condo caused the kids to HANG FROM THE RAFTERS.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures of Parking

Like I said to Mike when I returned from shopping.
"The good news is I only spent $8. The bad news is I got the Honda stuck."
So the afternoon activity soon became getting the car unstuck.

  • Dad/Grandpa and his tunnel vision ideas.
  • Casey getting extremely frustrated with Dad/Grandpa.
  • Cindy and Tiffany "borrowing" a shovel.
  • Megan scared we'd get in big trouble for "borrowing" the shovel.
  • A nice passer-by giving us some advice (who by the way, really didn't need everyone being so quick to tell him exactly who parked the car.)
  • Dad/Grandpa finally making us try what James had suggested 20 minutes previously.
  • Pushing, lifting, shoveling, rocking and spinning wheels.
  • And, 45 minutes in the 90' afternoon temperature...
The Canyons Resort Public Safety man kindly towed us out.
(Who by the way, also didn't really need everyone being so quick to tell him exactly who parked the car.)

Note to Mike: When the nice 'tow-man' asked who the owner of the car was so they could sign a release paper... you really didn't need to 'avoid' ownership of the car by pointing to me and saying, "She is."

Is it really so embarassing to provide the entertainment for the afternoon?

PS-I had a justified reason for being in such a hurry to park the car...
'When you gotta go, you gotta go.'

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flying Joshua

Should I trust Mike and my brother, James to take Joshua swimming??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dreaded Tradition

What started as a family tradition that we all enjoyed has become a tradition that only some still endure; The Bountiful Handcart Days Parade. It is the 2nd biggest parade in Utah, due to the fact it is always on the eve of the big Salt Lake Days of 47 parade-and thus every band from here to Tonga wants to be a part of it. It is usually long and hot.

For various reasons, I swore this was the last year we were going AND ONLY BECAUSE MEGAN WAS GOING TO BE IN IT. And then we go and I realize, it is such a fun tradition, could I possibly give it up?

Megan did a fabulous job dancing the WHOLE way!

Ellie loved her invitation to be a part of the parade float. She thought she was pretty special. (Well I guess she is.)
Joshua and Luke loved grabbing the candy.
Drew disliked everything about the parade; the heat, the sounds, the excitement. Oh wait, isn't that Mike that dislikes everything about parades? Well, Drew has a tear in the photo to prove his dislike.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tribute to Mike

(Mike's 3rd, 1st, 7th & 6th Birthdays)

I LOVE birthday traditions.
I LOVE birthday cake.
I LOVE birthday parties.
I LOVE birthday presents.
I LOVE birthdays.

Mike doesn't so much. It's not that he dislikes them. He just doesn't love and appreciate them like I think he should.

As far as Birthday Traditions go...
The night before each person's birthday, the rest of the family is busy hidden up in my closet blowing up balloons and drawing/writing a message on it for the birthday person. They are then hung in our kitchen/family room to greet the Birthday Person on Birthday Morning.

I happened to accidentally mention to Mike on the last birthday eve, which happened to be Joshua's, that the tradition was kind of a pain. I was 10 days post-partum-hormonal-whatever you want to call it...but Mike won't let me forget I said it. He said he doesn't care if he ever gets balloons on his birthday.

Birthday Cake
. . .
You know me, I love to make birthday cakes. But considering his first birthday as a married couple of only 3 months I made him a BOAT cake and he asked "What's the triangle supposed to mean?" He doesn't get a birthday cake.

Besides, he doesn't really like cake. Instead, he usually gets ice cream pie.

Birthday Parties . . .

OK-So maybe he does kind of like parties. Perhaps it is the attention he enjoys.

Birthday Presents
. . .
Who doesn't like birthday presents?

Well, besides Mike. His opinion of gift giving? "I'd rather just have money in the bank."

I decided to give Mike the kind of birthday he wants. No balloons. No cake. Simple dinner and NO PRESENTS!
For completely unrelated birthday reasons. I was mad at Mike on Friday and Saturday.
It was very easy planning his non-birthday.

Except by Sunday night and Monday morning I was no longer mad at him...

And now it is Monday afternoon.
There are balloons hanging.
And a few (cheap) presents to unwrap.

But he'll have to enjoy (my favorite)
CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE instead of ice cream pie.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Night Life

Last night was Outdoor Movie Night in Nana and Grandpa's backyard.
Complete with popcorn, candy and drinks.
The kids were excited all day; anticipating the sun going down.
The parents were excited to have sometime to themselves. (With Drew of course. What's up with that? When will Drew be invited to these things?)
But . . .
By the time the kids were dropped off, some grocery shopping was done, and the parents had an argument, it was time to pick them up again!

Maybe next time Nana will pick a Trilogy-instead of a 90 minute movie.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pied Piper Luke

Do you remember the story of the Pied Piper?

Luke ALWAYS has a following of neighbor kids/siblings. He always has at least 3 boys following his every move. Really. Is cutting up a Capri Sun box to make a truck out of your remote control car really that exciting?

Though Luke, unlike the Pied Piper, isn't playing the pipe, and won't lead the children into a cave never to be seen again. I make no guarantees what he may or may not teach your children. It will be a long the lines of fishing, using pocket knives, making anything one can imagine, how to aim a BB gun (currently confiscated), constructing furniture with power tools or a myriad of other things.

I can guarantee though, he will not, teach your children anything that involves being inside.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Brother's Influence Continues

My baby is 3 months old!!
Yes, that is a pocket knife in one pocket.
And yes, that is a cap gun in the other pocket.
Oh yeah, and that is a camouflage hat on his head.

This was Luke's idea of "help Drew be happy for a minute" while Daddy napped on the couch and Mom was gone!

Monday, July 6, 2009


A few conversations and a recent Relief Society lesson has had me doing some serious thinking...and has in turn prompted this post.

Imagine for just a minute what you look like and what you are wearing on a "major clean the house day." You are probably un-showered, dressed in maybe an old t-shirt, maybe some sweatpants, no make-up, hair is probably pulled back in an unkempt ponytail.... you get the picture.

Imagine now what you look like dressed and ready to go on a date, or to church, or to a wedding. Probably showered and clean wearing nice, clean and pressed clothes, maybe some jewelry, perhaps some make-up and brushed/styled hair. Maybe you even splurged and spritzed on some perfume!

Now answer me this question. When comparing ourselves to other mothers/women, why do we always see ourselves in our "clean the house day" and compare ourselves to their "go to a wedding or church day?"

I mean this figuratively, not literally. We look at what others do well that we don't and beat ourselves up over it.

I will probably never run a half marathon like one of my dear friends. I will never sew beautifully like another. I will never have a beautiful singing voice like another friend. I will never train for a triathalon. I will probably never be as well read and educated as another. I will never write as beautifully as another friend. I WILL NEVER be able to say like another, that I have never raised my voice to my children. I will probably never refinish furniture. You will not see me on most field trips my children go on. You will NEVER see me playing with playdough...

And guess what?

Perhaps your vegetable garden will never grow as profusely as mine. Maybe you'll never be caught up with your laundry. Maybe some of you will never do a craft class with your children. Maybe you will never be the PTA President. Perhaps you'll never enjoy hosting parties. Maybe you'll never make a homemade birthday cake....

If we all mothered, wifed and womaned (do you like those words?) the same way, this world would be a boring, uniformed society. It probably would be no fun.

So for today, don't think of all the women you know who deserve to be "Mother/Woman of the Year."


Look in the mirror.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freedom Day

I. LOVE. JULY 4th.
My children awoke to the sounds of me singing patriotic music . After insisting taking a picture of them in their patriotic shirts-which made mom say "the mom word", Joshua cry, Megan whine, and Luke and Ellie fight...
(I decided family photos are over-rated. They rarely turn out well!)

We moved onto bigger and better things. . .

The Annual Water Baseball BBQ

Top Ten of 2009 4th Annual Water Baseball BBQ

10. Perfect temperature
9. Quizzes on America
8. Homemade decorations
7. Delicious food
6. Nana & Grandpa's slide
5. 50 foot slip-n-slide
4. Fabulous Family/Friends
3. RJ landing in the weeds
2. Grandpa Peter taking down the slide...
1. A Good Nap

I. LOVE. JULY 4th.

Friday, July 3, 2009

First Annual Cousin Camp

My kids had so much fun the last two days at the First Annual Cousin Camp. Courtesy of Nana and Grandpa. Among other things, rootbeer floats, sidewalk chalk, sidewalk games, making t-shirts, roasting hot dogs, movie night, pancake breakfast, water slide-and I'm sure all of their favorites... Dinner with parents when parents HAD to pick them up.

When asked about their favorites on the way home:
Megan: "Swimming"
Luke: "Waterslide and Raingutter ice cream"
Ellie: "Getting new towels"
Joshua: (prompted to say) "shirts"
Cousin Party included, Nana, Grandpa, Megan, Luke, Ellie, Joshua, Caleb, Ben, Joey and Chloe.

I can't get this picture any bigger, but here is everyone in their Cousin Camp Shirts at the end of the party. Don't let my mom fool you by the photo...Drew was NOT invited to Cousin Camp.

I'm glad my kids had a great time-but more importantly I had a fabulous time.
26 hours with only one kid (Joshua came home to sleep, but went back for breakfast).
Mike already asked if she'd do cousin camp again next week. . .

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Talent

A couple of times a week, my kids have "Craft Class." Their instructor, Yours Truly, is the best. She is (sometimes) patient, kind, mild-tempered and only once has said the "mom word" during class.

Tuesday's project was decorating containers to hold our plastic forks/knives for our July 4th Water Baseball BBQ.

(Ellie's was given to Nana as a gift, before a photo could be taken.)

When the containers were finished, Megan and Luke moved onto bigger and better things. Hours-yes hours spent-making their own projects.

Megan-hair clips for her girl cousins to wear on the 4th July. With a borrowed hot glue gun, scraps of patriotic ribbon, creative imagination, and lots of patience produced some darling hairclips.

Luke-after SIX hours spent in the garage, produces a "cupboard" for Mom. Luke quickly put the cupboard to use and has two pairs of my pants hanging from the top. It now sits proudly in my bedroom.
Yours Truly, is thinking about resigning from her position as Craft Class Instructor.
Who needs me, when obviously their interests and talents surpass covering tin cans?


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