Sunday, June 29, 2008

Answered Prayers

As I drove to the ER to meet Mike almost two weeks ago, all I could (selfishly) think about was, "We have to go on Pioneer Trek!" (Pioneer Trek is a re-enactment of the Mormon pioneers who trekked 1300 miles across America in the 1840's for their religious freedoms/beliefs.) We were thrilled and excited when we were asked to be a Ma and Pa back in November. Since November, Mike and I have spent a lot of time physically, temporally and spiritually preparing for this trek. The day of his injury was hard in many ways, but the thought of missing the trek experience tugged deep in my heart and I shed many, many tears. However, there was a part of me that somehow, somewhere deep down, found a faith unlike I've never felt before. Though a lot of friends and family around me thought I was CRAZY, I knew somehow we were still needed on Trek. To make a very long story short. We just returned from three days on Pioneer Trek. Our good friend and neighbor Paul, joined us as a "grandpa." Paul brought his horse, and for three days Paul led the horse with Mike on top, following behind the handcart. It was not easy. It was difficult to take care of 12 teenagers, have a crippled husband, (our family name-named by "our kids" was 'The Crips') have a wheel of our handcart BREAK along the way, and endure all the other physical challenges that come with a pioneer trek. But, it was worth it! There are few words to describe the experience. I have a new found appreciation for the Pioneers and their faith and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They did hard things. They did challenging things. They looked past their fears and their doubts and they had faith that somehow all would be well. I feel blessed to have participated and felt a small part of their struggles and joys. I know that Mike and I were meant to go on Pioneer Trek, and though it was a different experience than what I had anticipated for seven months, I know the Lord heard my heartfelt prayers 12 days ago, and as I was promised in a priesthood blessing that same day, I did indeed receive "the desires of my heart."

I have to give a big shout out to my parents! They babysat our four children for three days so Mike and I could go on Pioneer Trek. Of course there was no communication available (cell-phones etc.) and they dealt with such things as, a trip to the doctor with an ear infection, diarrhea, a child needing to be in a parade, a burping child (NOT allowed at their house!), and all kinds of other things! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are truly blessed!

Also-A big shout out to my sister-in-law Cindy, who patiently spent hours and hours, sewing my pioneer dress and apron. Being in the pioneer clothing enhances the trek experience, and I loved having such a beautiful dress. (There is no wonder why, when my brother Casey, called me while I was at the ER that I cried to him and said, "How will I ever face Cindy after she spent all those hours making my dress that I won't be able to wear....!) But I did wear it! And I loved it! THANK YOU!

I am blessed to have family members in my life who love me and are willing to spend so many hours serving me and my family.

Williams Family Reunion

June 21st was Mike's first official outing since his accident. We spent the afternoon in Honeyville at Crystal Hot Springs with some of Mike's cousins. We don't see them very often, but each time we do we love the time spent together. The older cousins all have many memories of growing up with their Grandma and Grandpa Williams and it is fun to see the cousins all together. Getting together with extended family is always a reminder to me of how important family bonds are with extended family members. After all, we are all branches of the same tree!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Update

Mike will be going in for surgery at 6:30am Thursday morning. Surgery was highly recommended for a guy who makes a living on his feet 14 hours a day and still needs to for the next 20+ years. Thanks for your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Day

I was awakened this morning by a phone call to meet Mike at the ER. To make a long story short, a machine bucket pointing downward came straight down on his foot and broke three bones in his foot. (We find out tomorrow morning if he will need surgery.) As the Dr. put it, Mike is actually lucky, because his steel-toed boots saved his foot from being completely crushed. Also, had the bucket fallen even 1-2 inches further up his foot, it would have separated the foot and leg entirely! We feel extremely blessed. Without a doubt, there is a reason that this morning as Mike walked out the door, he had a distinct impression (which he followed) to come back inside the house, kneel down and pray for safety today. I know without a doubt, that the Lord heard his prayers and spared his foot. And though we may face some disappointments and missed opportunities in the next few days, I will count my blessings.

Monday, June 16, 2008

There's A First Time For Everything...

A few firsts the last few days.

Luke lost his first tooth!
Joshua had his very first Otter Pop!
Ellie cracked her very first egg!
Megan (no didn't wear hot pink lipstick for the first time), baked cupcakes all by herself, but MOM DIDN'T GET A PICTURE!!

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

As we gathered as a family tonight for bedtime prayers, I asked each of my children why they love Daddy. Their responses:
Megan (age 9 1/2):
"Because he loves us and takes care of us and always is there for us."
Luke (age 6 1/2)
"Because he takes me to Cabelas."
Ellie (age 4)
"Because he plays with me all the time."
Joshua (age 1)
Although obviously too young to verbalize, the fact Joshua's favorite place to be is Daddy's lap says more than words could.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Casey's Prediction

For those that have known Luke for all of his 6 1/2 years, have a little background of Uncle Casey's (my brother) prediction made when Luke was probably only around 2 years old. It stemmed from this: Luke hated clothes. He was comfortable only in a onesie, then in only a diaper, then in only underwear, and then went through a period he would only wear pajamas. As I looked back through his photo albums, I am embarrassed to admit, there are MANY, MANY pictures where he is only wearing the aforementioned attire! Where was his mother and why was she not getting him dressed each day????!!!!! (No wonder the "hand-me-downs" for Joshua are in SUCH GOOD CONDITION!!!) And pretty much the pictures also prove that the only toys Luke ever played with were dump trucks, tractors etc. OK-Back to Casey's prediction. He predicted that when Luke "grew up" he would be a Red-Neck! And for some of you to put it more plainly, "White Trash!" Yes, Casey said this about my cute little 2 year old at the time. And yes, I'll admit I was SLIGHTLY offended. Well the months, and years have come and gone and Mike and I have come to the acceptance that all along...Casey was...RIGHT! Everything Luke loves, Everything Luke is interested in, Everything Luke does... falls right into Casey's prediction. So, to make a long story short-this picture says it all.

This is the outfit Luke greeted me with on the driveway as I got home from a meeting Sunday afternoon. Had he asked anyone's permission? No. He simply took his shirt and cut it to fit his style!

Later that day we would be seeing Casey and I have to admit, there was a small part of me that wondered if maybe, Luke should change his shirt...
Luke-We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE You. You add humor, diversity and open-mindedness to our family in a way no one else could.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mike's '5 Year Plan'

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, Mike politely declined the front yard landscape option with the homebuilder-because of his big landscaping dreams. (Remember it is his line of business!) His dreams; "The 5 Year Plan." Actually, let me interrupt and say, Mike is patient, I am not. Well, as my impatience has grown over the last 3 years, Mike has continually reminded of his "5 year plan." This summer is actually our 4th summer here and so his "5 Year Plan" has had several "slight nudges" should I say, from.... ME! Well, FINALLY we decided to fill in the future front creek/stream with river rock. (The actual pump and electrical work to make it a 'running stream' is on a "Much Longer Year Plan.")
Our dear friends the Tingeys, have a friend who owns a lot of property in Mountain Green and has endless amounts of river rock, so we went on a field trip with the Tingeys and everyone pitched in and loaded river rock into the trailer. Amidst horses roaming around us (one licking the back of Joshua's head), beautiful mountainous surroundings and lots of horse poop (Is that good for 1 year olds to eat?), everyone had a great time and accomplished a lot. Once we got home, good 'ole Nana and Grandpa also pitched in and helped us unload it. Our project is a few more days away from completion, but what progress we have made. I love our yard. Mike is teaching me that patience is a virtue. I love to sit on my front porch and see all the hard continuous work we put into our yard and one day (5 years? Maybe? Maybe not?), I know it will be worth the wait.
P.S. I know there are no photos of me lifting a single rock, but rest assured, I worked my tail off too-but SOMEONE has to record these events!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Want a laugh????

So after I finished my shift at the temple Saturday morning, I walked from the dressing room to the front of the temple to exit.(approx. 100 ft) Just as I approached the front desk two dear sisters stopped me and said, "Sister, back up against the wall and fix your dress." The back (right-half)of my dress was tucked up into my dress tie in the back!!!!!!! Of course I was wearing no slip!!
My blessing from my service in the temple yesterday morning? Humiliation. The 10 or so people in the foyer's blessing from being in the temple yesterday morning? A good laugh as I exposed my underwear to them!
But I'll have you all know, I walked out the front doors, with my head held high, laughing all the way to the car....
P.S. As soon as I got home I did a "demonstration" for Mike and Megan, as I began, Mike started to laugh-assuming I was telling something I OBSERVED. I had to repeat two times, "NO-IT HAPPENED TO ME!" The look on Mike's face: sheer mortification! It was priceless!


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