Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween Night

A Hairstylist, Winnie The Pooh, A Princess, A Hunter and...

... a chicken that had to have his photo taken alone...


What did you do on Halloween Eve?
We had a Family Halloween Carnefel.

Each family member was in charge of an activity.
We made a witch craft, courtesy of Luke.
We had a Mummy Wrapping Contest courtesy of Megan, (to which Joshua kept saying, 'No, I'm a dad.'),
and we played 'Tape the Broom to the Witch' also courtesy of Luke. (Ellie wasn't feeling well and opted out of planning.)

(click to enlarge)

Mom and Dad provided the treat!
Better than any carnival we've been to before!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting Go

I found myself STEAMING mad this morning. Luckily, the family member I was mad at, had already left home. Otherwise, unfortunately I believe my 'weakness-that-I-couldn't-give-up-for-thirty-days' would have been displayed in all of it's fullness...

A little background.
We are all uptight about different things. What matters to one, does not to another.
In my house the floors may not have been vacuumed for a week, but watch out if your blinds are left closed once daylight is here...

Or perhaps there are dirty fingerprints all over a light switch or wall, but if your towel or dirty clothes are on a floor you better get them picked up. F.A.S.T.

Not only were the nameless individual's blinds closed... The towel was on the bedroom floor...Dirty clothes were left on the bathroom floor... And we won't even mention the state of the closet floor.

On Sunday, the sister giving the Relief Society lesson mentioned several times being able to 'let it go.' Though, I am sure this sister was referring to 'more important' things in life, I couldn't help but think of the 'little things' that drag me down and prevent me from "Being of Good Cheer."

I am in a quandary. What can I 'let go' while still maintaining some household standards and ultimately, teach my children to respect our belongings and our home and all that other stuff we are supposed to be teaching?

Is it just me, or are you uptight about certain things too?
What do you do?


Monday, October 26, 2009

No Ordinary Interview

Luke had his baptism interview the other night. When questioned about what kind of questions the bishop asked him, Luke simply shrugged his shoulders and only talked about when he could go down to the bishop's house...

Luke has always liked our bishop. But now, our bishop is more than 'just a bishop' in Luke's little mind... On Sunday night, Luke finally convinced Daddy to ride down to the Bishop's house with him...

They returned with THIS!!! (It is the skull of a javelina.)

I don't think my response was as enthusiastic as Luke would have liked. Instead, Luke was quite offended when he asked me,
"Why do you call all my stuff dead animals?"

PS-Luke did get his Baptism Recommend, so I am assuming they discussed more than dead animals!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Thoughts on Random Shots

Dark evenings and Sundays-this is Daddy, Joshua and Drew's favorite positions.
Joshua doing tricks on his 4-wheeler.
Joshua found the camera. (He got a pretty good shot of Drew, however.)

Megan and Ellie performed their Halloween dances at a Care Center recently. This was Ellie's first 'performance.' She did a great job.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Problem Solved

A solution for keeping crawling baby brother from playing with the toys?
Put crawling baby brother in the toy container!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Synopsis

Even though...
I had a child home sick from school.
My sick child threw up in the car, despite my yells to grab the bucket.
My mother just had major surgery and didn't fix a fabulous birthday dinner.
My BFF was out of town and so I didn't get my favorite chocolate cake/chocolate frosting birthday cake.
The Husband was thirty minutes late to the restaurant...

I did...
Get lots of phone calls, visitors, text messages, blog comments, Facebook remarks, gifts and cards.
Get a Baskin Robbins ROCKY ROAD ice cream cake courtesy of my parents.
Remember to give my mother flowers on MY birthday.
Have a FABULOUS birthday.

Until next year...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shout Hooray!

Today is my birthday, Shout Hooray!!!

Today I am 35 years old. What a great day, October 22, 1974 must have been.

I was born at 66 Whittaker Road, Sutton, Surrey, England in my parent's bedroom. (Don't worry, it was all planned. My mother had had a bad experience with a hospital birth seventeen months earlier at my brother's birth, and didn't want to do it again. )

I have been blessed to have a lot of fabulous birthdays...hopefully this one will match up.

Even though the first words to me this morning were,

"Oh shoot, look at the time. Will you go down and make me some sandwiches for lunch."

Which I did. I was even making him breakfast too... (with me steaming more than the food in the pan...)

When he suddenly appeared in the kitchen and announced, "Happy Birthday."

My response, "That's a damn good thing you mentioned it."

Happy Birthday to Me.
At this point, the day can only get better...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That Time Again

Hopefully you remember this post and therefore know that my longer-than-most-people's-birthday is about to begin.
October 21st, 5:55pm is the official start to my October 22nd birthday.
Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Stitch In Time

If you want something, and you want it now. You do it yourself right?

I knew Luke was in the material box.
I knew Luke asked for a needle and thread.
I knew he asked if he could cut up some old pants.

...An old pair of pants, some rope and a little handstitching makes a carrying case for a bow and arrow!

Yet again, I am impressed with Luke's creativity.
Is this what most kids do when they are grounded from playing outside?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

I love Fall and nearly everything about Fall. I love the temperatures, I love the colors, I love saying goodbye to my garden for a season, I love...

Everything except the FLIES. Yes, Flies. Every Fall, they enter my house in large numbers.
But, as I've asked around, not everyone seems to have this Fall-problem!?! Our current house and our previous house were near horse fields. And both have had the same Fall-problem.
Horse fields are my only logical reason, because certainly my 'fly-snob-friend', Melanie, never has flies at her 'city' house. When Melanie enters my house in the fall, one of the first things she does is grab the fly swatter and counts aloud as she starts swatting away. (Yesterday she lost count after 12...)

Tuesday, I couldn't take a doze on my couch because there were SIX flies flying ON and around me. (Well, also the phone kept ringing and my two year old was whining...)

Flies are consuming way too much of my time. Not only am I having to walk around constantly swatting them. But even then, how sanitary is that having flattened flies and fly guts on your counter/cabinets? So then I have to follow the death path with Clorox wipes.

Flies are a concern for my health as well. Surely the rise in blood pressure they cause is not good. They are making me crazy. They are making me swear. They are making me yell. They are making me MAD. They are all around me. Sometimes, they are even trying to you know what, right there in my kitchen!!

Luke and I googled a solution the other day and had some type of apple juice/vinegar/sugar solution in an inside-out bottle and it didn't work. Luke wants me to "tell the man that stuff didn't work." Note to Google: It didn't work.

Megan said she learned in third (or second?) grade that flies have 20,000 eyes and that is why they are so hard to swat. (I'm not sure if that is the actual number she said. I couldn't hear her very well over my altercation with the flies.)

I will even admit there were 2, two, TWO dead flies in my boiling pan of potatoes the other night. They must have boiled to death, there in my potato pan. Serves them right.

What do you think I did? What would you have done if you found two dead flies in your pan of potatoes? Fished them out and no one but me ever has to know? Or, ordered take-out?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good For You, Not Me

So here is an update from this post.

I am a yeller.
I think I am meant to be a yeller.
I don't think I can not yell...

when your 5 year old is holding the 6 month old, three feet from the ground, by his shirt...
when the 7 year old eats seven (miniature) candy bars in a twenty minute period...
after the seventh time in fifteen minutes the 11 year old has come out of her bedroom at bedtime
when we are trying to read the scriptures and someone is jumping on the love sac, someone else is stepping on the baby, and someone else is making loud, obnoxious noises.

Yep! You read that right.
when we are reading the scriptures, I sometimes (have to) yell.

Good for you and all your self-improvements. I admire you. I really do.

I'll just have to think of something more do-able...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free Ride

(The first picture shows the horse collapsing, the second picture shows that the collapse was not enjoyable for Joshua.)

Horse rides began when Megan was about a year old. Bull rides began at Luke's request years later. They are an almost daily occurrence at our house. Even though the horse/bull is getting older, and the riders are increasing in number, size and weight, and the horse/bull has a broken back, this tradition continues.

If more than one child is riding, it is a horse ride. If there is only one child riding, the area is cleared of people and toys and the rodeo-type bull ride begins.

Both cause squeals of laughter and tears (not from laughing). But, there is never a shortage of riders. They always return.

This may all come to an end soon. I don't know who will be more upset; the riders or the horse/bull. The horse/bull is going to get his broken back fixed, and I'm not sure the doctor will approve a quick return to this type of activity.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Shout Hooray!

Today is Megan's Birthday
Megan Eliza is 11 years old
Eleven years!?
Where has the time gone?
It will be an extra special day, because it is Monday, October 12th. Megan was born on Monday, October 12th. (I guess it has taken 11 years to get back to her birthday being on a Monday!)
Shock of Ipod. Excitement of Ipod. Dancing to new music Uncle James had already put on the Ipod.

I am so excited. I love Birthdays.
I love them.
I love them.
I love them.
I don't care if they are mine, or Mike's or any of my kids. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

I've come along way from the day 2 year old Megan had to ask me what her birthday cake was!

Saturday night, Megan had an 'Outdoor Movie Night' (which we decided to switch into the garage so as not to allow the girls to freeze.) Thirteen giggly girls watching a movie, having a pillow-fight, opening presents and playing outside makes for a worn out mother!
You know me and birthdays. I do not like celebrating birthdays any day other than the actual BIRTHDAY. But a Monday evening wasn't practical for a late movie night with friends. So Saturday it was, without the 'frills' of a real birthday, but a birthday party nonetheless.

Don't worry though. Today is the REAL birthday. Presents, birthday cake and lots of fun.
Happy Birthday Megan!
Only ten more days until mine....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two And A Half

loved unwrapping the half-wrapped farm animal set from Nana,
and the half-wrapped motorcycle from Mommy and Daddy.

listened patiently while we sang half of 'Happy Birthday,'
and waited for prompting to blow out half the candle on the half cake.

We all enjoyed eating the cake.
Joshua is 2 1/2 years old!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little OCD

The last few days Joshua has become obsessed with Clorox wipes, the water spray bottle and the need to clean.

Joshua's cleaning sprees begin with the spray bottle in hand and states, "I need do some cleaning."

His request of my help is simple, "Can you get the pink wipes for me?" (We work on his colors when he isn't cleaning.)
He has cleaned the couch, the stairs, the bathroom sink, the kitchen table, the front door, the tile floor, the garbage can and this morning, "I need clean Luke's Cabela's truck."
I think Joshua gets his love of cleaning from his father.

Though of course I love the results of a clean, sparkling bathroom, freshly vacumed floors and dust-free furniture. I detest the tasks and therefore those things appear way too seldom around here.

Mike is a cleaner, though he is known to admit, "I lowered my (cleaning) standards years ago."

I think that statement is supposed to be an insult to me. But I choose not to take offense. I look at it as a positive thing...

When Mike gets in the mood to clean, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING FOR HIM TO CLEAN. Same thing goes for Joshua, I'd hate to take those opportunities away from them...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Style? Comfort? Or Both?

I have two sister-in-laws I am frequently around. They are 8-10 years younger than me.

They are young and beautiful, they are thin, they are stylish, they have jobs they get paid for, they are current in pop culture and current events, they are always dressed in cute clothes, they never have snot or food from other people's mouths anywhere on their clothing, etc. etc. In essence, they are very opposite of me. (Although, one is a coming-soon-mother-to-be.)

Sometimes when I am around them I feel a little 'schmucky' (I may have just made up that word.) I always think how nice they are when they take an interest in my five children, my PTA duties, and my completely opposite life from them.

This all brings me to our conversation together the other night. There were four of us present. My two sister-in-laws, my friend Melanie (in the same 'type of life' as me), and myself.

We were in the middle of the clothing section of Target and one of my young, stylish, beautiful sister-in-laws picked up a pair of sweats from the rack. She was commenting on their cuteness, comfort, etc. She was in favor of sweats. Of course, I was agreeing 100% with her as we all know how much I love sweats. Soon after the sweats were returned to the rack, my other young, stylish, beautiful sister-in-law announced she does not own sweats and never plans on it.

You would have thought she had just announced she was a terrorist. Immediately phrases and questions from the three of us were bombarding her; "What do you wear at home?" "You will when you are a stay-at home-mom." "What do you clean the house in?" "What will you wear home from the hospital after you have a baby?" "What do you wear when you exercise?"

I have thought a lot about this conversation in the hours and days that followed...

I have lots of sweats. I don't wear them in the summer, but as the cooler weather approaches they are my favorite clothing choice. But it is very important to please note, I have never tried to 'dress up' my sweats or make them into anything other than what they are...sweats!

If I am having an 'around the house' day, you will not see me dressed up. If I am baking, sending PTA emails, cleaning a toilet, preparing a church lesson, changing poopy diapers, folding laundry or organizing a closet I will not be in a dry-clean only sweater and designer jeans. Ok, fine, maybe I am never in a dry-clean only sweater and designer jeans. Remember this post?

This is turning into an awfully long blog post about sweats. But I have an announcement to make. I am resolved to not have more pairs of sweats than days in a month. And, I resolve to wear them no more than twice a week. (Does my standard, winter Saturday-sweat day have to count as one of those days?)

Really, though. I need to know who is right, Me and my schmucky-ness or my young, stylish, beautiful sister-in-law?

Shouldn't everyone own at least ONE pair of sweats?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have a crawling baby.

I am not a 'baby proof-er.' I do not use cabinet locks or rearrange my things.
I am a 'baby mover.' I move the baby from the undesirable place.

Once again, I have moved into the 'I can't finish this church magazine article because the page is ripped out' stage.

At least I know it is temporary.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Time and Season

(Megan, Brandon, Jacob, Luke)

I love the Fall. I truly do. I love to go to the canyon with family and friends and have campfires and s'mores and hot-dogs and dutch-oven desserts.

I'm not sure how I feel about it all though, when my husband calls at 7:30am and suggests we go to the canyon that evening and enjoy the Fall colors.

He will meet us there at "5:45pm."

His '5:45pm' is 6:10pm.

I have 5 kids, firewood, dutch-oven, camp chairs, hot-dog sticks, coolers etc. etc. etc. to pack into the picnic site. Thank goodness my parents and the Evans have their assignments.

The kids are denied jackets and/or sweaters because we have too much to carry already.

Mike wonders why I am a little grumpy when he gets there...

Everyone else wonders why my kids are cold and weren't allowed jackets...

There were no Fall colors visible from our picnic site!

Happy Fall...

(Mommy and Drew)


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