Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Unique Opportunity

As part of a workshop Megan attended at BYU a couple of weeks ago, she had the opportunity to play an organ at Temple Square. The participants had the choice of three organs, the Assembly Hall, the Tabernacle, or the Conference Center.

Although the organ inside the Tabernacle is by far the most historic of the three organs, I kept my opinion to myself about which organ Megan should choose. Megan chose the Conference Center organ. When I asked her why she was choosing that one she replied, "I see it on television for General Conference, I've been in the Conference Center for conference a few times and I think it would be really cool. I've never even heard the Tabernacle one played."

As Mike and I watched her play her hymn that Wednesday night, we were absolutely thrilled she chose that organ to play on. She will always remember it. I think every time she watches a General Conference broadcast and sees a close up of the organ, she will remember fondly her unique opportunity. I was touched by the spirit as I listened to some workshop participants play various familiar hymns. Of course I sang along despite Mike next to me saying, "You really should stop singing." Nobody could hear (except him), and I really didn't care that his fine ear for music had to tolerate my off-key singing.
Of course when Megan played, I did not sing along. I was disappointed I forgot the video camera, and I could not figure out the lighting on my camera's video option in such short notice. A little disappointing that we can't exactly see it is Megan. But I promise it is.

The dress she was wearing was very long, and just before she played the last verse the instructor told her to adjust her dress to make the pedals easier. Thus the laughter and clapping at the end of the video. I'm sad I didn't get the last verse, with the loud "whatever musical term they use" holding of the last note. It was loud, it was strong, and it capped off perfectly a unique and awesome opportunity.
PS-We found out that the "field trip to play the organs" only happens every 4 years of the BYU Organ Workshop not every year like we previously thought. She lucked out on that one, now didn't she?


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