Monday, August 27, 2012

The Summer Nothings & Everythings

Although some summer events may not have gotten a blog post dedicated entirely to themselves, they are worth noting nonetheless. Some of these events happened as recently as last week, others last month, but they are all equally important. Okay, not really but I'd hate to start rating memories. Be forewarned, most of the photos are pretty poor photos. I'm no photographer.

Luke left bright and early last Saturday morning (5am) to go fishing at Deer Creek with his best friend, Paul. Luke has fished a handful of times this summer with no luck. I was thrilled for him when he came home having caught these four fish. (Probably helps that Paul takes him to better quality lakes than the small ponds and streams we take him to.) Luke cleaned and filleted them himself, wrapped them up tightly in foil until Mike gets around to grilling them.
I was pretty irritated the evening I met Mike in Salt Lake with Megan for her Temple Square organ playing event and found out Mike was wearing a work t-shirt. I stopped at a mall store and bought Mike a collared clearance shirt to wear. I believe it is still sitting in the shopping bag. I never have a doubt where the stubborn traits one of my children exhibits come from.
My favorite garden in the world is my BFF's dad and his wife's beautiful back garden. Seriously, it is like stepping into a magazine or movie scene when there. It is even more charming to enjoy a dinner at dusk sans children on a warm summer's eve.
 (Can you tell we were trying to act "natural" for the timer photo!)
Can you see why it is one of my favorite gardens EVER? Every single nook and cranny of the garden are beautiful.

  1. The boys grilling (above) while the gals chat (below). Every few minutes Melanie and I switch around to a different part of the garden to sit.

If you want to know more about the garden, visit HERE.

Luke participated in a horse reigning competition.
 Two siblings watched Luke participate in said horse reigning competition.
Sister quickly bored of the aforementioned horse reigning competition and sewed instead.
Megan went to Girls' Camp. Oh how we missed her, although her room being tidy all week was nice.
Lunch with my BFF for her birthday. I find it funny that we go to lunch only once a year, always on her birthday. Never on mine. Never any other time. Although food is always a very important part of our almost bi-monthly "couch days".
(It's a blurry, cell-phone quality photo. And it's even better that the waitress is in the photo too.)

The children and I spent a glorious day at Lagoon with my parents. It was a near-perfect day. It really was. None of us had been there in 5 years, so it seemed like "a first" to the majority of the children. Mike kept texting me, I think waiting for an exasperated, stressed-out text from me telling him I was worn out and tired of the children. It never happened. It was one of those rare, rare, days that I wish we had more of. The photos are not great, but the memories were. That's what matters.
Megan was asked to make a birthday cake for my grandma. Megan was thrilled to try fondant for the first time. She did a pretty exceptional job. I love that she'll always remember her first attempt at fondant as a cake for my grandmother, "Mimi" to my children. I got all choked up that night talking about how blessed my children are to know a great-grandparent. She's a pretty special part of our family.
One of our family summer bucket list items was to go ice blocking. Most of the photos are blurry, but the memory was captured.
And that wraps up some of the miscellaneous summer items that make me remember, "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."

I'm quite sure that I don't have to wait for "one day" to recognize the tantrum that happened as we left the park after ice blocking that Saturday evening as a "big thing." It was no little tantrum.

Such is life around here during the summer.
The random events that is, not the tantrums.
Actually, tantrums are part of our life too.
Summer or not.


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