Monday, February 24, 2014

A Rare Occasion

There are A LOT of things I could say about our trip to St. George last week where we spent time with my parents, all three of my brothers and their families. Only the oldest cousin, Caleb was missing from the weekend.

I'm not going to detail all the things we did. Especially not the part about all 7 of us squeezed into a hotel room the first night. In fact, it shouldn't be called a hotel, it wouldn't even pass as a motel, but thankfully it only lasted one night. Enough about that.

Outside my favorite St. George store...Judds.
Sometimes while we picnic at sunset in the red rocks, the kids go and play/hike/explore, and I beg for Mike's sweatshirt because I am cold, and then take a picture of ourselves. Not necessarily all in that order.
St. George has a fabulous children's museum that is FREE. Free!! Very entertaining for adults and children alike.
Free bounce houses at the city park.
McDonalds with a crowd. 
Mexican restaurant with only the adults!
This several hour picnic and playtime at the park was one of my highlights. I absolutely love seeing large groups of people at parks having big get-togethers. I love even more when I am part of such a group.

While my brothers, Casey and James were innocently standing eating their dinner and talking to each other, I found myself choked up with emotion as I looked at them. They are men! Dads! The age gap between them and me has always been large enough that I often feel more "motherly" towards them, than "sisterly." My two little boys, Joshua and Drew so frequently remind me of my brothers, and seeing Casey and James standing there together the other night made me realize how quickly time is indeed passing.
Ellie and the sunset at the redrocks.

Too bad there are no pictures of my brother and I engaged in a game of Speed, and my subsequent loss. There are no photos of the kids swimming. In fact there are no photos of a lot of things we did, despite this little mini-vacation being a once in life-time event. It will likely never be replicated. And that's okay...

There will always be the photos in my mind.


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