Thursday, February 13, 2014

Randoms of Our Lives

It's the little things that make all the other "stuff" worth it...

Joshua, Ellie and Drew spent one evening playing baseball with a spatula and a football. (While Joshua wore a basketball jersey.)
Whatever show was on the television, obviously captured all of their attentions at the same time.

Sometimes Mike does dumb things that thoroughly entertain the children, while I stand around suggesting it isn't a good idea until I realize, most things really aren't worth making a big deal of.

Winter time means weekends with sprinkler parts covering the kitchen table and counters and monopolizing the dishwasher. Don't ask. Please.

School spelling bees are boring for 4 year olds.

With my boys now having a love for football. This old treasure came out of storage and is now in a shadow box in the boys room.
 Mike and Steve Young, 1984

I love that somehow Mike and my habit of pointing out the beauties around us has sunk into the children. I absolutely love when someone yells from somewhere in the house to look out the window at the sunset, or the lighting on the mountain, or the moon. Love it! And to think when we were first married, it drove me CRAZY how much attention to detail Mike paid. As a result of my children's appreciation, I always have photos on my cell phone of some beauty somebody wanted to capture.

I enlisted my children's help on a recent day off of school to completely organize our bookshelves. There was certainly some murmuring and complaining at the beginning. But it turned into an hour and a half with the six of us hanging out in the room together reading some of our favorite books to each other and alone.
One day, I'll remember these moments as the "big things."


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