Monday, July 28, 2014


If you know me very well at all, you know I am passionate about focusing on "the little things" in life. I am such a firm believer that those are the moments that will really matter in the grand scheme of things. I think it is for that reason that I have become such a lover of Instagram.

First I have to tell you, I fought joining Instagram for months and months and months. But I finally did a few months ago, and I love having quick, simple, (instant!) ways to preserve a moment or memory. I've carried a notebook with me for years, and I am always quickly writing a thought or a sentence in either that or my phone. But with the constant availability of cameras nowadays (phones), I snap even more photos than I would have a decade ago, and I end up with a million photos on my camera and often wonder why I had originally desired to capture that particular scene or moment.

So I love Instagram for that.
But, I don't love it because, I find myself with a particular way to capture exactly what I've used my blog for, for so many years that I find myself neglecting my blog more and more. Although, that being said--I have about 7 post "drafts" that I just haven't gotten around to finishing. So never fear, I will not stop writing. I have too much to say. (One of Megan's pet-peeves about my Instagram account-I write too much in my posts sometimes.)

But for today, I'll purge (some of) my Instagram photos into this nice little post, so they are recorded here too and add a few that didn't make it to Instagram.

Here's a glimpse of summer time at our house...

"enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."

Finally got around to adding additional sand to our sandbox. I remember distinctly the day Mike built that sandbox! Drew was a newborn, and I was typing a much needed PTA email on the computer, while he laid at my feet with a bottle propped in his mouth with my foot!! (Yes, I can admit that!) I couldn't imagine the day he would actually be able to play in it. He and Joshua love that sandbox, even though it is too small. Mike doesn't love that sandbox because the sand always "disappears" and there are too many trucks in it. He did however oblige us all and take the boys to get some more sand for it. The boys (and Mike) obviously loved watching the loader load the sand into the trailer. Hooray for boys.

 I love that my boys wake up each day asking for "holdies". They too often squabble over my lap, but I've always told them that's why Heavenly Father gave me two legs. One for each of them.
 If there were a mother-of-the-year award for moments, I think my BFF and I would get it. Luke and Jacob decided to take our inflatable raft on this bike trailer Luke made to the local pond. It was all fine and dandy until it came time to bring it home and they couldn't get it deflated and folded up as small again, AND it was wet and heavy. Melanie and I came to the rescue and were lugging fishing poles, life jackets and who knows what else around the pond trail. Thank goodness for cell phones, and boo on the fact Luke didn't take enough drinks for them. We are nice mothers.

Apparently, one of my children (Ellie?) has a fascination with the clouds. I love that they appreciate beauty and nature, but man does it take up a lot of space on my Dropbox account. (Nature and selfie (not of me) photos are in large quantities on my phone.)
I love these two boys. I love that these two boys so frequently remind me about what is really important in life.
I've tried to make a few trips to the local swimming pool with my children. Luke likes to try all sorts of tricks off of the diving board. He is always disappointed when I don't quite capture them on film.
 Ellie is quite typically found on her hands doing cartwheels, on her head doing a head-stand. Or on the ground having accidentally back-flipped off the trampoline.

Some days I let Ellie talk me into doing funny face selfies. Not my favorite thing to do, but quite easy to say yes to.
Ellie did a nice little Instagram post on my account with this picture of the two of us. She hashtagged herself as #favoritechild, which is a family joke. Megan was not amused. For some reason she thinks that hashtag applies only to her.
The fact that we no longer have a need for a bike trailer for a child to ride in, Luke converted it to this "flatbed" trailer. It's actually come in handy. He helped move stuff from one office to the other during our recent office move, he's hauled chairs and a cooler to the local parade, and chairs to another activity we attended. Hooray for Luke's creations. Boo for anything left in his path that may be remodeled. Drew took the inaugural ride on it (with a helmet I might add), to Mike's office to show it off.
Why do children think any and every little scratch needs a band-aid? I actually don't care though if they want one and use one (or two or three), just don't leave the wrappers out for ME to clean up!!!
Yours Truly helped the scouts put up flags on the 4th of July. Our church leader (Bishop) was mightily impressed I was participating in a scouting event, but come on, it's flags, and I am one patriotic gal.
Our dutiful attendance at the local parade. Not sure how this became "a tradition". It's kind of a lame parade, but we always receive an invitation for a good seat, so we can't complain. The children love it, Mike tolerates it..
Seeing these three quietly eating popsicles while swinging one day screamed, "Idyllic childhood" to me. These are the type of moments I hope my children remember of their childhood.

As opposed to them remembering the night times when the boys got yelled at to settle down, and Drew always ends up having to "lay lith" Dad to settle each night." "Why do I always have to lay lith?" Drew whines, but I think he and Mike secretly love that it happens every night. I enjoy seeing my children innocently sleeping ... it makes me forget *most of* the difficult parts of the day.

Megan got her driving permit. Mike is teaching her to drive. She prefers it that way and I prefer it that way. I don't have the patience, calmness or peace of mind to help her with that. It's Mike's department all the way.

Mike suggested the kids send a postcard to themselves from the Grand Canyon. Joshua was beyond thrilled when we received it in the mail. He couldn't quite process how it happened, but his smile was contagious.
Megan has visions I do not. She saw this dusty old, yucky dresser and transformed it into a nice little "table" for our front entry way. I LOVE it. Most of all, I love that she could do something like that!
Mike took a hiatus from shaving. I LOVED it. It made him crazy, but I think he liked how many more kisses it earned him. It was a sad day for me when he shaved it, mostly because he temporarily (for about 2 minutes) left a mustache and tried to kiss me with it despite my screaming very loudly. I strongly dislike mustaches. The kids thought it was hilarious.
While Luke spent a week at scout camp. I spent the week feeding animals. Ugh. Not what I signed up for at all. But I love Luke and sometimes that translates into feeding HIS animals for the week. Thank goodness for Megan and Joshua (and Mike) they took turns helping out too.
These boys were a little more trouble than they were worth during our recent office move, but then I see this innocent little rest they were taking at the end of the long day and wonder what exactly they could ever possibly do wrong!?!
I've tried to make more of an effort to "say yes" more. One night it translated into me sitting on a backless metal bench for 2 hours in 90 degree temps while Luke participated in some BMX racing.
 Other times it translates into Ellie cooking. I don't know what happened to my photos of that.

"Delilah" the craft teacher still comes almost weekly. This time she gave them puppets to color/make and then disappeared into the piano room for some quiet time. Somehow, the children found her and she became the perfect audience for the puppet show. After too many minutes of puppetry, the children were excused, and yours truly enjoyed a nice little nap.
I "said yes" to ice cream during swimming lessons. Instead of dropping both boys off, and one waiting while the other has lessons (parents can't watch), I took each boy to Dairy Queen during the other's lesson. Joshua thought it was the best day ever, and I was once again reminded that it's the little things the children love the most!

That's probably enough pictures for now.
Summer is moving along nicely.
Some days it is kicking my bum, other days, I feel like I'm doing okay. It's a great balancing act.

Happy Summer!


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