Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Son, The Scouting Over-Achiever

I have admitted before that I am not a fan of the Boy Scouts of America as they are associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have nothing against the BSA as an organization, my issue is simply that by default of being an active member of the LDS church, we as parents/families "sign up" for what I think should be an extra-curricular choice of time/money/commitment, etc.

Mike and I have the mind-set that we will support our children in scouting to the extent they wish to be involved. We hold no esteem to the achieving of specific scouting awards, as we feel strongly there are other avenues for boys (and girls for that matter) to reach the same end goals.

As such, we sent Luke off to scout camp the other week having no idea he would come home a scouting star! That kid of OURS earned the most merit badges in the whole camp (200+/- boys), and was one of two boys at the camp to swim a mile. Luke spent the afternoon he returned home researching requirements for future merit badges and wouldn't stop talking about the timeline towards earning longer term rewards.

As Mike and I have stated before, we will support Luke (and Joshua and Drew that will follow) to the extent to which they want to be involved in it. Which at this point with Luke, is translating into a whole lotta BSA talk. That boy is intense. He wears me out.


(As a favor to my dear husband, I'll refrain from my long blog post about how this FULL scout uniform came about. He has heard the story one too many times.)
(Think this picture is quite telling of how Mike spent his 36 hours as a father chaperone at scout camp...)

And that's all I'll say about scouting for today.
Lucky you!


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