Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brrrrr-Megan, Luke and Mike slept outside. Notice they had to be completely covered in their sleeping bags to prevent possible hypothermia. I was inside with a 6 week old that likes to wake up and a 2 year old that likes to visit us during the night.
Friday evening was spent with our good friends, The Wieland Family. Mike and Keith enjoyed sitting by the fire, while Brandi and I made dessert. It took both of us to fix it as we both were holding babies!!
Saturday evening was spent with our good friends, The Taylor Family. Alan and Mike went on a bike ride to check out the sprinklers on the highway trail. Luke thought he'd be funny and take Daddy's bike and leave his, while Daddy wasn't looking!!! Pretty funny-Mike riding Luke's bike home.
Both nights the kids rang the doorbell and when we went to the door they were 'statues.' It was quite funny, but only the first time. . .


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