Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Ellie's Birthday, Shout Hooray . . .

Ellie is FIVE years old today!! After opening presents and a french toast breakfast, it was time for Preschool Lunch at the Park Day. Made complete with Megan's old Barbie Lunch bag, and new birthday shoes. . . despite mom's concerns that they might give blisters walking to the park. But really, what does Mom know? Especially when you're FIVE!

The first thing said to me, upon my arrival at the park was, "My shoes gave me blisters."
Seems, even when you're five you should still listen to your mom!

"Butterfly Birthday Party" was spent with friends Keagan and Kinzie Tashro, Ben Webster, Colin Tullis, Victoria Feo, Kira Wootton and of course siblings.
That evening was spent with Nana, Grandpa, James & Kristin and Jonah Evans (and family) for cupcakes and nachos. (Per Ellie's request.)


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