Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Need to Clarify

A couple of recent posts raised a few questions in my comment section and in conversation. I will address them now.

"Fully Dressed" title: The post was about Drew's first smile, I titled it Fully Dressed because of the Annie song, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." It had nothing to do with the clothing he or I was wearing that day, although, yes Casey, I did happen to be wearing sweats that day.

Half Birthday Cake: I make two round cakes from one cake mix. I freeze one of the rounds for when I get a chocolate cake craving. (Which is quite frequent because chocolate cake is my ALL TIME FAVORITE dessert.) I cut the other round in half, put the pieces on top of each other and frost with my 'Ultimate Chocolate Frosting' recipe. The cut edge doesn't ever look good-in fact I don't frost it, but who cares-1/2 birthday cakes are for immediate consumption.

(I don't know what will happen in a few more years-half a cake won't be enough for our family. The one I made for Luke last week was gone in one sitting, and that of course isn't including Drew who can't eat cake yet!)

Mother's Day Photo: Every year I get a good picture of the kids and me before church. So now, I actually think it is funny that this year we still got the picture...we're just in our pajamas!

I won't even begin to answer the question or queries of whether I am nicer to Mike now than I was when we had been married only minutes. I'll leave that question up to you. What do you think?


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