Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Super Mom

Sometimes, just sometimes I surprise myself and get a little bit crafty.

My boys have spent enough time with homemade paper capes and superhero logos (courtesy of Joshua) that I made the plan to make them capes for their birthdays this spring.

But then true to myself, when I get "a bee in my bonnet" I want to act on it. The capes were no different. Last Saturday, I went to the fabric store, had the capes made, and the pictures taken all within a couple of hours. Which is exactly why no one should look too closely at any of the finer stitching.

Megan did a great job working with me side-by-side so we could get both of them finished at the same time. Except 3/4 of the way through it, I remembered she had a babysitting job in 20 minutes, she needed to be ready for. So I had to finish them up by myself, which was actually quite nice, as Megan is a little better sewer than me, and suggested "unpicking" and "doing it over" way more than an unperfectionist like me cared about. So it was nice to be able to finish up my somewhat shoddy sewing job alone.

And oh the smiles on their faces when the project was complete! Drew stood by me the whole time patiently waiting, and my poor planning actually finished Joshua's 5 minutes before his.

Okay, so maybe the faces don't exactly look like they loved the capes. But I promise they did. Which is exactly why they were so frowny--because they wanted to run around jumping off of couches and flying and being Superman. Not smiling for a photo.

They wear them all the time.
Yes. I mean all the time.


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