Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Fabulous Day

I spent last weekend in Sunny (cloudy) California for yet another fabulous Power of Moms Retreat. I LOVE these things. Every single time, without fail I meet wonderful women who inspire me and end up being some of my most favorite women.
I wish we could have spent hours more together. I'm quite certain that with all those women in a room we could quite possibly solve every parenting dilemma out there. (And boy do I have my share of those...)

One of the highlights of this retreat for me was attending with my sister-in-law Cindy, and one of my favorite cousins, Karena.
I'm not usually one to show food pictures. In fact, typically they bug me. But here's why I included this one. I love that my sister-in-law, Cindy (in the lower right) is obviously giving a lot of deep thought to which sandwich to choose. Or maybe it was the carrots or cucumbers she was debating about.

I also love that my cousin Karena is front and center in the top photo looking absolutely thrilled to be there. Ha ha. She did enjoy the day... At least she said she did. I'll go with that instead of her face in the photo.

The food was generously sponsored by Panera. The photo collage is courtesy of Emily Barton

I was very excited to be able to see my friend Laurie. Laurie and I met at one of the first Power of Moms Retreats almost 3 years ago. I haven't seen her since 2010, and I was thrilled to visit with her (we're actually behind Miss Deciding-on-Food-Sister-in-Law in the above photo). I wish I could have chatted with Laurie much longer. She is one of those people that genuinely inspires me. She has so much faith and perseverance despite difficult times and when I read what she writes, I always want to be better. (in a good way)
These were the wonderful group of women that made the LA Retreat actually happen. I consider my work with such great women a true blessing in my life.
I would share a photo of me while presenting, but it is really quite unflattering. And even though I did talk briefly (among other things) about it being important to accept ourselves physically, I'm still not sharing the photo with the world.

Wasn't the location beautiful? Such a beautiful part of the world. I'm convinced people living in California can't help but be happy and content people.
What a fabulous day! It was the perfect renewal I needed during the long, cold, Utah days of winter to remind myself that I do love my life and adore that my deepest wish from childhood to be a mother, has come true. Even though we have a similar agenda at each retreat, every time it is different. Different perspectives, different women, different stories, but the same encouragement and renewal.

Now to apply some of what I learned this time around...

PS--If you live in or around Orange County, CA or simply want a weekend get-away, register for the Power of Moms Couples Mini-Retreat on Friday, February 8th. Even if you have to drag your husband there initially, I tell you, each time the men end up talking just as much or MORE than the women!!


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