Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Name is...

(Completely unrelated to my post, but this is Ellie--the QUEEN of selfies on my phone, the camera, the ipad, etc.)

Like most families, we have some pretty unique nick-names for each other. I've caught myself a few times, calling particular children by their pet-names, "booger nose", "cheese" or "poo" in public places. Some of our other pet names, "magstar", "smasher" or "bubba" don't ever cause quite the looks that "booger nose" sometimes does.

You'd think these names for my children would have me relaxing on some of the things I've been called lately. Actually, it isn't that I'm even "being called" names, it is how I'm being addressed and/or summoned. It's been making me crazy.

Instead of the traditional, mom, mother, mama, or mommy, I am being summoned with names like.

Hey Mom
Oh Mom
and my least favorite?
But Mom.

I've quit responding to such titles, and facetiously suggested they use a more preferable term such as, "Mother Dear..."

It has worked for months with Joshua and Drew, and I've heard them several times catching themselves mid-sentence and changing their wording to include, "Mother Dear...

"Mother Dear, please can I have some candy."


"Mother Dear, please could you tie my shoe."

(for some reason when Mother Dear is used, their normal voice goes about 5 octaves higher.)

As for the older three?
Perhaps it's true, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

"But Mom", it usually is.


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