Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've Got A Friend In You

It seems throughout my life, I have always been blessed to have good friends. Whether as a child, teenager, young adult, or now, I have always had the ability to make friends and most importantly, keep them. My friendships with others are something I treasure dearly.

So, at the risk of making other friends feel bad, because I haven't done posts on them . . .

Well, I guess I could at least list all my friends... but then people might get offended and think that it is not a random list... but an 'in order' list... and then you'd worry you weren't my friend...

(Actually, chances are if any of the above would apply to you, you probably aren't my friend, because to be my friend you probably have the quality of not being offended easily, because I usually speak my mind... and/or tell you what I think at any given time...)

Anyway, my dear friend, Kim did a post yesterday of our recent weekend together and I thought the picture was so cute, that I have to now do a long, drawn out post to explain my friendship with these three dear friends.

(So I guess if any of you out there have a really cute picture of you and me together, I'll do a post about my friendship with you too!)

Brandi, Kim, Scarlet and Me

Brandi and I met on a trip to Lake Mead a month before Mike and I got married. She and her husband Keith were friends with Mike, and I was thus introduced. We became instant friends. I knew I liked her when we discussed sweaty armpits in one of our first conversations. Come on-who admits they get sweaty armpits with someone they barely met? (Besides Brandi and me?!) Our families have been wonderful friends since. She is probably the most REAL person I know. If you think I speak my mind-meet Brandi!!!

I first met Kim at The Little Gym in Orem about 7 years ago. She was either on her phone and/or what I thought was kissing up to Max (the gym owner!) I since know Kim well enough to know she is just friendly and DISCLAIMER TO KIM: I no longer think she ever did kiss up to Max. She once 'followed' me home and realized we lived very close to each other and we began taking turns driving our daughters, Megan and Kassi to gymnastics. Our girls loved each other instantly, and became fast friends. Before long, Kim and I followed suit. And then I put a 'For Sale' sign outside of my house in American Fork, moved away and what do you know? We became even better friends!!

(Scarlet and Kim's relationship goes WAY back.)

I met Scarlet once while scrapbooking with Kim. I loved Scarlet instantly. I think it was her name. Who wouldn't LOVE to have the name Scarlet? Anyway, I thought she kind of reminded me of Brandi and so when a scrap-booking overnighter came up 4 1/2 years ago, I invited Kim and Scarlet to come with Brandi and me.

Instant friends!
We all loved each other.
And really, the rest is history.

Our times together always include some crying, laughing, snapping, eating... We have our traditions-Cafe Rio, ice cream, junk food, but what we are best at is LAUGHING. We are famous for it! We've been known to stay up until all hours of the night laughing about anything and everything. Just this last weekend, some other ladies asked us what room we were sleeping in, when we asked why, they said they could hear us laughing! (They then politely mentioned they found it amusing to listen to, but then put in their earplugs to go to sleep...)

A couple of years ago I came across this quote,

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."

(Though I do have a lot of fabulous relatives, really, who can't relate to this quote?)

I love you all, my dear, dear, friends.


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