Monday, July 6, 2009


A few conversations and a recent Relief Society lesson has had me doing some serious thinking...and has in turn prompted this post.

Imagine for just a minute what you look like and what you are wearing on a "major clean the house day." You are probably un-showered, dressed in maybe an old t-shirt, maybe some sweatpants, no make-up, hair is probably pulled back in an unkempt ponytail.... you get the picture.

Imagine now what you look like dressed and ready to go on a date, or to church, or to a wedding. Probably showered and clean wearing nice, clean and pressed clothes, maybe some jewelry, perhaps some make-up and brushed/styled hair. Maybe you even splurged and spritzed on some perfume!

Now answer me this question. When comparing ourselves to other mothers/women, why do we always see ourselves in our "clean the house day" and compare ourselves to their "go to a wedding or church day?"

I mean this figuratively, not literally. We look at what others do well that we don't and beat ourselves up over it.

I will probably never run a half marathon like one of my dear friends. I will never sew beautifully like another. I will never have a beautiful singing voice like another friend. I will never train for a triathalon. I will probably never be as well read and educated as another. I will never write as beautifully as another friend. I WILL NEVER be able to say like another, that I have never raised my voice to my children. I will probably never refinish furniture. You will not see me on most field trips my children go on. You will NEVER see me playing with playdough...

And guess what?

Perhaps your vegetable garden will never grow as profusely as mine. Maybe you'll never be caught up with your laundry. Maybe some of you will never do a craft class with your children. Maybe you will never be the PTA President. Perhaps you'll never enjoy hosting parties. Maybe you'll never make a homemade birthday cake....

If we all mothered, wifed and womaned (do you like those words?) the same way, this world would be a boring, uniformed society. It probably would be no fun.

So for today, don't think of all the women you know who deserve to be "Mother/Woman of the Year."


Look in the mirror.


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