Monday, July 20, 2009

Tribute to Mike

(Mike's 3rd, 1st, 7th & 6th Birthdays)

I LOVE birthday traditions.
I LOVE birthday cake.
I LOVE birthday parties.
I LOVE birthday presents.
I LOVE birthdays.

Mike doesn't so much. It's not that he dislikes them. He just doesn't love and appreciate them like I think he should.

As far as Birthday Traditions go...
The night before each person's birthday, the rest of the family is busy hidden up in my closet blowing up balloons and drawing/writing a message on it for the birthday person. They are then hung in our kitchen/family room to greet the Birthday Person on Birthday Morning.

I happened to accidentally mention to Mike on the last birthday eve, which happened to be Joshua's, that the tradition was kind of a pain. I was 10 days post-partum-hormonal-whatever you want to call it...but Mike won't let me forget I said it. He said he doesn't care if he ever gets balloons on his birthday.

Birthday Cake
. . .
You know me, I love to make birthday cakes. But considering his first birthday as a married couple of only 3 months I made him a BOAT cake and he asked "What's the triangle supposed to mean?" He doesn't get a birthday cake.

Besides, he doesn't really like cake. Instead, he usually gets ice cream pie.

Birthday Parties . . .

OK-So maybe he does kind of like parties. Perhaps it is the attention he enjoys.

Birthday Presents
. . .
Who doesn't like birthday presents?

Well, besides Mike. His opinion of gift giving? "I'd rather just have money in the bank."

I decided to give Mike the kind of birthday he wants. No balloons. No cake. Simple dinner and NO PRESENTS!
For completely unrelated birthday reasons. I was mad at Mike on Friday and Saturday.
It was very easy planning his non-birthday.

Except by Sunday night and Monday morning I was no longer mad at him...

And now it is Monday afternoon.
There are balloons hanging.
And a few (cheap) presents to unwrap.

But he'll have to enjoy (my favorite)
CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE instead of ice cream pie.




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