Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back For Another Year

Mike and I aren't late sleepers. In fact, 'sleeping in' for us happens once a week... Sunday mornings we stay in bed until about 8am. Between 7:15-8:00am, we usually have 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5 children piled in the queen-sized bed with us. We listen to begging for the ever-popular 'all-in-one' breakfast. We listen to cries of, "I'm squooshed, there's no room for me." We listen to playing or fighting by some of the children in the nearby loft. We listen to more requests for breakfast. We ignore the never-ending question of "When are you guys going to get up?"

This morning it was quite uneventful. Joshua came in and laid with us first, and drifted in and out of sleep. Drew was cooing quietly in his crib. Megan was sleeping in. Ellie soon quietly came and crawled into our bed too. But Luke? Where was Luke? We knew he was awake, but we heard nothing from him.

The minutes passed. 8am came, 8:15am came. There were no requests for breakfast, no-one was getting squooshed, there was no one playing in the toy room. Before long, Megan joined us in the bed, carrying the now unhappy baby who was in desperate need of a diaper change. And in came Luke; seven people now piled on the bed. Luke's demands began. But there were no typical demands for breakfast. Instead it was,

"Everyone get out of bed, line up at the top of the stairs together and wait until I tell you to come downstairs."

The diaper change, the potty breaks, daddy getting clothes on, mom finding her slippers, were trying Luke's patience. But before long, our line was formed. Our descent was beginning. Luke ran ahead.

As we entered into the family room, from behind the couch, we hear Luke's animated, excited voice exclaim,

"It's Christmas. There's something for everyone." And then, in Luke's unique, off-tune, eight year old singing voice we hear, "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way..."

The singing continued while each of us observed the display of 'gifts,' by the homemade Christmas tree, and recently given Christmas candy cane decoration. Each gift had been carefully tied with leftover pink ribbon from yesterday's baby shower, and a Laffy Taffy thoughtfully placed on top.

The gifts; Dad's office chair for Dad, stack of Nana's borrowed china plates for Mom, the kid's chair for Ellie, Megan's school bag for Megan, and Joshua's tractor and train for Joshua and Drew.

(The homemade Christmas tree.)
Luke's singing (mixed with laughter) continued while we all laughed and smiled at Luke's creativity and excitement. (Poor Mike, he smiled and laughed so much his almost-healed-lip-cold-sore, split open.)

It looks like Mr Christmas has arrived in time for this year's holiday season.


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