Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Life In A Nutshell

Megan recently received an "Immigrant Project" assignment from school. She has been instructed to write a report on one of her ancestors that immigrated from another country to the United States. She has chosen, none other than, Yours Truly...

Megan is a very intelligent girl. Since learning to read at age 31/2 she has always excelled academically in reading, writing, math, etc. She has however, needed some gentle nudging to begin this project so she is not rushed at the end. This evening she was told she needed to spend 30 minutes working on it.

It came as somewhat of a surprise to me after ten minutes on the computer she came to me and whined, "I can't think of anything else to write."

Megan recently achieved 55 words per minute in computer, so I figured she must have been typing quite fast to be out of information already.

I was shocked when I came to the computer and read:

'My mom Tiffany _____ immigrated from England. In 1974, my mom was born in Sutton England. Instead of being born in a hospital she was born at home. (My grandma, a.k.a. Nana planned that.) Visiting her granny (grandma) and grandad was one of her favorite things to do. She also played Monopoly with her brother Matt. She also went to the high street.'

And that my friends, is my life according to my 11 year old daughter.


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