Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hank's Fate

Hank made his appearance at the County Fair this week. Hank had his own little stall and was surrounded by goat friends on every side. I really had no idea what this whole 'entering a goat into the County Fair' thing was all about.  It has just kind of been Luke and Mike's (and Hank's) deal. But when my neighbor called me the other morning and asked what time Luke was 'showing' Hank as she was planning on attending, I thought I as the mother should probably make an appearance at the goat show!

Aaghh-about two hours, 500 degrees, and a lot of dusty feet, clothes and hands later I momentarily wondered if it really would have been best to have kept it Luke and Mike's (and Hank's) deal after all. Instead it was a family affair. (Minus Megan-who had some musical commitments.)

I wish I could record every moment, every expression, and every thought I observed or felt while I was sitting at the County Fair Goat Showmanship Show, but I can't. And even if I could, I wouldn't. They are instead quiet little memories and moments that will be forever ingrained into both mine and Mike's heart and mind. Luke may not exactly be a 'Goat Showman' but by golly is he a goat lover.
And maybe I even have a place in the 'goat lover' category. After all-it was ME that got all choked up and teary eyed when I read this last minute 'stall decoration' Mike made for Hank's County Fair stay.
This morning was the Goat Auction. Despite Hank's ranking of 5th place in the 'Goat Meat Show', Hank remained in the comfort of his Fair stall, while Hank's County Fair room-mates met their fate. The decision was entirely Luke's. The enticement of doubling and tripling Luke's financial investment thus far was not enough to break the bond of love between a boy and a goat! 
And so I introduce Hank, our official family pet.


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