Monday, August 29, 2011

Too Many Mistakes In One Night

Saturday night our ward (local church) had an activity in our cul-de-sac. For a myriad of reasons, I am NOT a fan at all of ward activities and generally try my hardest to avoid them at all costs. But with tables, chairs, barbeque grills and a hundred plus people scattered mere feet from my house, it was kind of difficult to avoid. So I went outside, and did my best to be somewhat cordial and polite in my mingling.
Maybe that was the first mistake.

Or maybe the first mistake is to be blamed on Mike when he gave permission for Hank, yes HANK to attend the party. Luke was one proud goat owner walking around that cul-de-sac with Hank on a leash. Children flocked to Luke and Hank as they settled in the shade gnawing on carrots. (Hank, not Luke. Luke favored the cookies and chips.)

Or maybe the real mistake lies with me when someone (obviously assuming we were 'animal people'!!!!!!) asked, "Do you want a rabbit to go with your goat?" and I replied, "Oh Megan has been asking for a rabbit for two years now but...." I DIDN'T GET A CHANCE TO FINISH MY SENTENCE that we are a NO-PET family, because the next thing I know Megan was being asked if she wanted a rabbit, and Megan was jumping up and down grinning from ear to ear. The rest is kind of a blur.

I do know that Megan asked Paul (our neighbor who has a heart bigger than anyone I know) if she could house a rabbit in his deceased rabbit's cage. Next thing I know Megan and Luke are talking a million miles an hour. I couldn't tell which one was more excited Megan or Luke. All I caught tid-bits of, were planned walks around the block with a goat and a rabbit, and the planned trips to the feed store they'd make together.


By this time Mike wandered over and looking at me and at Megan said, "It's your deal."


The rest is history.
Meet Daisy.
The newest addition to our family. (Wait, didn't I introduce Hank as the newest member barely a week ago!?!)

Let me back up just a bit. Paul once had a goat--it died a couple of years ago. When this whole goat 4-H thing came up last spring, Paul's 'goat pen' was still all set up and it made perfect sense for Hank to make his home there. Paul had a rabbit that just died a month or so ago, and so the rabbit cage was still all set up...

We I am now including Paul's chickens and horses in my prayers that their days may be LONG. We don't want any more 'spaces' to become available!


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