Monday, August 8, 2011

A Love Affair

Last night I took a lot of slack from my husband... and though to him it is 'eating my words', to me it is something entirely different...

Remember Hank, Luke's goat? I described Hank's 'purpose' here.

Well the County Fair sure is sneaking up on us.

During May and June, the fair was still in the distant future, and we filled our days with purchasing goat feed, securing fences, watching Luke help the goat get castrated, seeing Hank 'recognize' Luke, seeing a goat walk with a leash, asking Luke to clean up goat poop from my driveway.--ALL things I NEVER would have thought I would see or do or say!!

Then in July, Luke asked one day, "Will you take care of Hank while I go on my mission? Goats live for about thirteen years, so I'll need someone to take care of him while I'm gone."

I was thrilled that Luke is planning details of his mission so soon, but was a little taken back by Hank still being around then. So I timidly asked, "Well, what about the County Fair?"

Luke's reply that screamed L-O-V-E (for Hank, not me), "Even if someone said they'd buy him at the fair for $10,000 dollars, I don't think I would sell him."

(To which our Economics major and wise investor husband and father cut in, "Luke, if someone offers you that much you and I will be having a SERIOUS talk.")

The County Fair still seemed a few weeks away following this discussion, and so we tried to forget it. Except with my big tender mother heart, I couldn't forget it. I heard speculations about how Hank was doing while we were gone for a week. I am asked to give weather forecasts daily to make sure Hank isn't going to get rained on or be too hot or be too cold. I see where Luke goes first thing he wakes up. I see pride and smiles when Luke brings Hank to visit me. (Since when do I get a big smile on my face every time a D@#$ goat shows up on my back porch?!?)

Well now the County Fair is just a week away.
While Hank was getting a hair-cut on Saturday, Luke's 'goat teacher' and some other adults (who are potential Fair Judges) were casually referencing how good looking Hank is. Among all the goats who were getting cooled off with hair-cuts, Hank was clearly the favored in the looks department.

Which brings us back to the County Fair.
Luke has never wavered on whether or not Hank will enter the County Fair. Oh believe me, Luke has all types of visions of people oohing and aahing at Hank proudly on display at the Livestock Exhibit. What Luke has wavered on, is selling Hank.

Mike has been giving all sorts of impromptu lessons on investments, returns, bank balances, upgrades, etc. Luke has been told he can take the money and turn around and buy even TWO more goats, and perhaps have a good start towards a horse. The large return would be 100% Luke's money. Luke has paid his own earned cash for Hank himself, goat feed, supplies, etc.

But dollar signs are not what are on Luke's mind.

It's the lump in his throat, the serious look in his eyes, and the heavy heart as he has repeated more than once, "If Hank wins first-place they make you sell him, so Mom will you buy him? Then as soon as they pay me, I'll give you your money back."

So dear friends, we have a good looking goat, a goat-lover son and we desperately need prayers that this much loved Goat does NOT take first place at the County Fair.

Last night laying in bed, Mike and I were discussing this whole goat/county fair thing. Mike admitted he is just helping Luke know and understand all the options so he can learn life-long lessons while he makes his own decision. Without thinking about eating my words from all the animal lovers I have made fun of over the years I blurted out, "Mike, it is not about an investment it is about a relationship."

To which Mike laughed.
And laughed as he said,
"Listen to you. We aren't even talking about a dog here. We are talking about Livestock!"

I don't care if it's a goat.
My son loves him.


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