Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There Is No Such Thing

A HUGE pet peeve of mine every single summer is the question my children are asked by what seems like everyone and anyone. Whether it is the dental hygienist, or the grocery store clerk it seems everyone is so quick to ask, "What vacations do you have planned this summer?"

Every time, my children look at them with a blank stare until I jump in and give the standard in a nutshell answer, "We tend to do our vacations in the winter, my husband is a landscaper. Summer is not an easy time to take a vacation."

And though it is probably hard for you to believe... I give this standard answer in a why-are-you-rubbing-it-in-that-my-children-feel-as-though-they-are-the-only-ones-who-don't-get-a-summer-trip.-Besides-is-it-really-any-of-your-business-type-voice?

Inevitably, my children always seem to remind me, "Well, we do go to Park City." And I grin through gritted teeth as I am painfully reminded of the 'trip' we take each summer to the same condo Mike has been coming to since 1980! On a positive note, my children consider it a vacation. But in my opinion, it is not a vacation or even a 'trip' when my husband still commutes daily to work...

It's a long story how a week in Park City has become a yearly (dare I say the word) tradition for my children. But I can admit, that for me-yes me-who is usually so big on establishing a family culture chock full of family traditions, has a dreaded disdain for the summer week in Park City.

This year I found myself constantly harassing Mike about what he did as a kid for a whole week in the same condo my children now inhabit. What did your Mom do? What about your Dad? Did he work shorter hours? Who took you swimming? Were you allowed to wander around by yourself? Did your mother constantly entertain you? Did you do this? Did you do that?

Two days into this week-long 'tradition', my mother-in-law sent her wishes for us to have a relaxing week in Park City. RELAXING? My mother-in-law has obviously been in the empty nest stage for a long time. I can't imagine she really, truly looks back at the weeks spent in this condo with her five children as RELAXING.

Though I can't help but wonder what exactly is relaxing and 'vacationy' about being here, we are here nonetheless. And lest you think any of these pictures show blissful family togetherness, you can be assured that it is because of the beauty of still camera shots versus a home video that it looks like we are one big happy family on vacation.
I have to include this photo, as it is a great exmple of the beauty of a still camera shot versus a home video. Or you would be hearing Mike's commentary, "Reading isn't a punishment, it is just a good way to get away from the other siblings for a while to calm down."  (I'm putting that mildly... it wasn't quite that pleasant of an exchange.)

A vacation?
Yeah, whatever.


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