Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rivalry Fishing

It could probably pass as a tradition now that we spend one evening each summer at Deer Valley picnicking and fishing. It is beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil. There are usually very few (if any) people around, and we usually enjoy the pond to ourselves.

For whatever reasons this year, though still stunning in it's beauty, our time at Deer Valley didn't seem quite as peaceful or tranquil.

Maybe some of it had to do with the overcast sky and the falling raindrops.  Seven people eating chicken strips, hamburgers, and french fries, IN A CAR with sachets of ketchup being squirted on laps, on shorts, on car-seats and a little ranch dipping sauce being spilled here and there, don't exactly spell t-r-a-n-q-u-i-l-i-t-y.

(It also didn't help that my dear husband was feeling a little cheap 'financially responsible' at the Burger King drive-thru and at the completion of the meal, every single person was requesting and declaring, "Is there any more food, I'm still hungry?" or "PLEASE can I have some more food?")

Just as the food requests were being denied, the rain passed and the anxious-to-get-out-and-fish children were finally released from the confines of a fast-food scented suburban.  Relieved to have a little silence and just a little time to myself, I rolled down the car windows and looked forward to observing some quality family moments.

Of course Luke was the first one at the pond's banks.

 With Joshua, following very closely behind.
Mike made an attempt to help Drew enjoy his first fishing experience, but Drew wanted nothing to do with it...there were 'tactors' that took his fancy instead.
Oh, but look at those children together that are enjoying the fishing.
But then a couple of them lost interest (I think helped in part by words to the effect, "Go away and leave us alone."). So then we had a beautiful, mountain location setting and three kids playing 'house' on a fork lift!
But at least two children were having a nice, pleasant time bonding and fishing together.
Remember, I was still sitting in the car, so I am far enough away to think it is sibling togetherness at his finest. Oh the feelings of joy I was feeling at the thoughts of my two children bonding over a fishing pole. But it didn't last. My silence was broken by repeated declarations getting louder and louder of, "She does NOT know how to fish. She is going to ruin my pole."
But fortunately, by this time Drew had discovered a different 'tactor'.
Which confirmed Mike's ponderings that he probably wasn't going to get any fishing in, which worked out nicely to free up Mike's fishing pole to be used by the accused fishing pole breaker.
Megan's apparent lack of fishing skills was enough to have ended the sibling bonding moment, probably before it even started.
And then I obviously ruined all the fun by demanding a family picture. Thanks to a forklift propping up the camera and a ten-second self timer, I planned to trick ourselves into remembering with just one camera shot that we had a fabulous, filled with bonding and togetherness family activity.
Except Joshua had different plans.


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