Thursday, August 4, 2011

Highlights, Lowlights, or Random Thoughts?

Mike used to always suggest we make a top-ten list of vacation highlights. I've never been a big fan of narrowing down so many experiences and activities, and especially calling them 'highlights'... Some aren't! Instead I'll give some random thoughts...

The nice man at the resort check-in desk invited the two children that were with me to come get a lemonade with him. Both of my children accepted his offer and followed him to the hallway a few feet away from me to get a refreshing cup of lemonade. (All the while I watched them.) Following our departure from the nice man, I asked my children, "If I wasn't with you, and someone you didn't know asked you to go with them to get some lemonade or go with them to get lots of candy, what would you say?"  My children looked at me with perplexed faces and then Ellie responded, "Hmm, please and thank you?"

Megan was 'hired' to make Grandpa's birthday cake. Megan was thrilled. Me, not so much--do you know how much prior planning (and supplies) are needed to make a cake away from home? I forgot all the prior difficulties and lack of frustrations when Megan proudly displayed the cake she made and decorated entirely by herself.
(My parents and other family members stayed at a different resort from us during the same week.)

Who makes a leather strap for pool noodles? Not only who makes one, but who brings scrap leather and leather tools on a 'vacation'?

Not a good idea for my three boys to share a twin-size bed like they share the full-size bed at home. I do not like being woken up in the night by a two year old who made a very loud bump sound as his body fell to the floor. At least my insistence that they NOT BE ALLOWED to sleep together on the top bunk was heeded.

You would think with the improvement money that has been paid into this resort over the years, there should be no need for a cookie sheet to prop open the same window that has been propped open by a cookie sheet for THIRTY ONE YEARS.

You know you have a lot of kids when all of their wash rags can't even fit on the same rack.
While speaking of these wash rags. These are the ones that are purchased compacted together and you place them in water to see them 'expand.' The kids thought it was fun to fill the tub and watch all five of them expand at the same time. Fine. No big deal. Except the two year old thinks a filled tub means it is time for a bath and promptly takes off all his clothes and insists he gets in. The children oblige him. The two year old gets in, and promptly pees in the filled with water (and new washcloths) bath tub.

Nothing thrills me more than to hear other children fighting at the resort park below my bedroom window. I love having it reaffirmed to me that I'm not the only one with children who don't always get along well.

My cheapness was confirmed as I put all five kids on the merry-go-round together to maximize my 50 cents.

Vacations are questionable. Have tired, ornery children and a chaotic life at home, or somewhere different?

Of course one only has to look here at the following photos to see it really was a swell week...

I mean look at that love. How could it not have been a good week?
(Drew and Cousin Annie)


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