Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Definitely Tough and Hard, But...

You've probably seen the video that went viral about the "world's toughest job." It's heartwarming to watch, and I really quite enjoyed it. I know there are also on the flip-side a lot of critics that didn't enjoy it either for a variety of reasons. I liked it for what it was--a nice, sentimental message that motherhood is hard, often thankless, and on-going. I looked at it as motherhood in general, whether one does other things away from the home or not. Motherhood still requires a mother to show up day in and day out regardless of other employment, interests, pursuits or activities.

Of course I am a big cheerleader of motherhood, and I think it deserves high praise for the often thankless hours, weeks, months and years we put into raising children. However, I sometimes cringe at the high accolades always extolled to motherhood, when there are a lot of wonderful fathers out there, and of course a fair number of shabby mothers.

There are a lot of valuable, much-needed "jobs" in the world, that could definitely be classified as "tough." There are "jobs" that I would NEVER want even if I were to be paid a high salary with fabulous benefits. I will also say, motherhood is a tough job, but the toughest? I'm not sure about that. Hard? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Tough? Yes. But putting the "est" on any of those, raises it to a level that I don't think is fair for so many reasons.

With that being said, I think the sentiments behind this video are wonderful, and there is certainly a fair amount of truth to the "job" descriptions...

Well worth the watch.


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