Monday, April 21, 2014

Grease Memories

When Megan was barely 2 1/2 years old, Mike and I took her to a musical production of Grease at a local high school. Megan sat still on one of our laps the entire time. Her attention never wavered. She sat mesmerized by the singing and dancing the entire time. (This was also the first time we realized she was scared of cotton candy. I had bought a big stick of it at intermission and she cried when I put it near her. Her fear of cotton candy (and ice cream trucks) continued for years.)

I digress.
Megan LOVED the high school production.

That night when we returned home, the three of us knelt down for family prayer. It was Megan's turn and her prayer included the following:

"Thank you 'Go grease lightening.'" (Which included the hand actions from the musical.)
"Thank you 'Tell me more, tell me more.'" (Which was said in a singing voice.)

Mike and I looked at each other and tried not to laugh. Obviously Megan LOVED Grease! The next day, I went to the local video store and rented Grease on VHS tape for Megan to watch. She loved it, but especially favored the two scenes she had referenced in her prayer. For the few days of our rental, I spent time fast-forwarding and rewinding these favorite scenes.

Fast forward a few months... It was time for Megan to be potty-trained before Luke came along. I give 100% credit to the movie Grease for potty-training that child. If she pee-ed in the potty, I promised her we would go to the rental store and rent it. It ended up, that I purchased the movie at the local Wal-Mart upon Megan's potty training achievements.

Megan watched that movie for months and months and months. My brother was not a fan of me allowing her to watch it...namely because while with his 2 young children and Megan at the store once, she broke into singing, "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee 'lounging' in virginity." (She had sung that song for weeks with the absolute WRONG words and so we didn't think it too big of a deal that she sung it. Turns out she started to pick up the CORRECT words, and once she started singing about virginity, we realized it was no longer an appropriate song for a 3 year old to be singing. (Because up until that time, it had been OK?!?)

Please don't judge us.

It wasn't too long after her discovery of the correct words to the song, that we realized her days of watching Grease were numbered. The decision clincher came not too long after. By this time Megan loved the whole movie, not just the two originally favored scenes. Luke was a small baby, and I actually sat down while feeding him one afternoon and watched the movie in its entirety with Megan. Oh boy was I shocked at those scenes! Obviously most of the story-line, jokes and scenes went over 3 year old Megan's head, it was the singing and dancing she was so enamored with. But man, some of those scenes were downright crude and I couldn't believe she'd spent so many hours viewing it.

I tell you this story because the other day, Megan asked me when I thought she would be old enough to be allowed to watch Grease again. I told her, I didn't think ever! She then suggested Drew would probably love the movie as she had. I'm sure he would, (Megan and Drew are very similar in their musical appreciations.) but I told her I think our days of Grease watching are probably over. She couldn't believe that she was allowed to watch a movie as a 2 and 3 year old, but not allowed to watch it as a 15 year old.

I will admit, making the break from Grease was just as difficult for me as it was for her. Some of those songs are fun, catchy and lively and I missed hearing the music in the background that I had grown to love alongside her.

To be honest though... there's a tiny part of me that considers sitting down with just Megan and having a little Grease movie reunion.

Sometimes my mothering skills amaze me.

September 2001, Mike was taking photos of Megan in the front yard and she said, "Let's pretend I'm Sandra Dee, k-Dad?"


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