Thursday, April 24, 2014

One of My Favorite Days

I've written lots of anniversary posts and Mike and Tiffany posts over the years, so I wonder what more there really is to say about us that others will want to read and here.

(Here are a few of my favorites: HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

There really isn't much, except the simple words on a sign I saw the other day at a gift store. I now wish I had bought the sign, because I say those words to Mike all the time, and didn't really think others would say them too, until I saw the sign.


And I guess that's all I'll say to wrap up our anniversary post this year. Happy 17th Anniversary to us. I'm even more excited about it this year because it is on a Thursday, just like the day it was in 1997.

I'm glad that I quit trying to marry Mike off to all my friends (proof of that in my avid journal writing entries from my college years), and married him myself. I'm a pretty lucky gal.

(Most days that is. Some days that guy has far too much stubbornness for a pleasant, kind-hearted person like me.)

Actually we make a good pair, in completely different and opposite ways.

I heart Mike.


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