Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coming Home

I'm home! Even though I have only been home about 36 hours, I'm worried my trip across the pond will fade from my mind. When I talk about it with Mike or my children, I tear up and have a difficult time expressing my thoughts and feelings from the time I spent in Paris and London. At this point, it stands as one of the greatest highlights and events of my adult life.

I have so much I want to say about the trip, and yet, so much I'd rather keep to myself. I kept a very accurate and thoughtful journal throughout my time away, and I think a lot of my thoughts will stay in that leather bound white journal that has a gold embossed Eiffel Tower of the front. However, the fact still remains that I am a journal fanatic and feel so much desire (and obligation to my posterity) to record my memories in detail and picture too, and it's here at this blogspot address I choose to do that.

Be forewarned if you are reading this, that the next several days may seem like Paris and London overload, but it is my blog and I guess I make the rules, but proceed with caution.

As for returning home...
Several have asked how the first day home was. I'll be was a little bit brutal. I forgot exactly how many children talk over themselves to talk to me at the same time, and when they hadn't seen me for 9 days, you can imagine the state of bombardment I received. I also hadn't cleaned up after anybody for 9 days, and spoke only with adults for the duration of my time away. (If you don't count the two children on the Paris street I used a little of my sparse french skills (What is your name? My name is Tiffany) on while Laurie was receiving instructions from their mother about how to get to the taxi pick-up. Their names were Louis and Ava.) I digress. Within hours of my arrival home, my normal life routines here at home fell quickly into place and I filled my day with meal prep, grocery shopping, car-pooling, errand-running and the likes.

It wasn't long before I was back in the realities of motherhood when I began unpacking souvenirs and realized every child got a London t-shirt or sweatshirt, except the child that got TWO and the child that got NONE. Poor Luke. And I was reminded that motherhood is a lot more challenging than traipsing around foreign countries for 9 days.

But on the brighter side, while shopping at Costco with Drew, he stopped in his tracks and declared, "I am so happy. I like when you are home." He further spent the day spontaneously at my side with his arms around my neck and saying, "I just have to keep kissing you" and high numbers of kisses would touch my cheek. In my absence, it was his little schedule that was the most misplaced, the other children kept their regular school day routines and not as much changed for them. But dear Drew's regular little life with mom was uprooted, and as well as he did spending his days at the Sinc Constructors offices, I think he missed me the most.

It is good to be home.
(I called Drew a walking souvenir yesterday.)


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