Monday, May 19, 2014

Sarah and Susie

Back in February, when I first began considering adding London to my Paris trip, there were a few friends I sent a message to, to see if seeing them would be a possibility. As much as I love London and England, I knew in my heart the reason I wanted to go was to see people, not places.

Sarah and Susie were among some of the first I emailed. I mainly communicated with Sarah, and couldn't believe at one point that Susie may not be able to join us. You see, Sarah and Susie or Susie and Sarah, just kind of go together. They are two sisters, whom I have known since I was a young child. We attended church together throughout our childhood, and many fond memories of Epsom Ward (our LDS church congregation) include them.

(My 8th birthday and baptism day, October 1982. Sarah and Susie are to the right of the photo. Aren't they darling? They look the exact same still today. And just so happens the girl next to me is my friend Karen who I will be writing about soon too.)

Back to 2014. It just so happens the stars aligned, and Sarah and Susie were the first familiar faces I saw when I arrived via train in London on Monday, May 5th. Within 15 minutes of each other, my train from Paris arrived at the same station their train from up north arrived.

I can not describe the happiness and joy I felt as I hugged each of those girls. I've seen them a handful of times over the years since our youth, but sitting and eating lunch with them at a pub across from King's Cross Station was absolutely delightful.

We sat at our table visiting for almost 3 hours, chatting about everything and anything. It was as though having lunch together was the most normal thing in the world. At one point during the lunch, I excused myself to use the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom washing my hands, I could NOT believe I was really with Sarah and Susie. It was one of those surreal moments I really felt as though I had to pinch myself, it truly felt as though I were dreaming.

Sarah and Susie are some seriously top-notch ladies! Although we keep in touch a fair amount via social-media, being able to sit and talk in person with them is hard to put into words. Those ladies are some deliberate, strong, faithful mothers! I meet a lot of mothers and women in the stuff I am involved in, but these two are truly some of the best!

Who knows exactly when we will see each other again, especially just the three of us alone eating lunch in an English pub talking about everything from motherhood to childhood memories. What a fantastic afternoon! I count eating lunch with some of my dearest friends almost 5000 miles away from my home a definite blessing. The thought that our lunch can't and won't be duplicated anytime soon, causes a small pang in my heart, but these ladies are friends for far more than this life while we're separated by an ocean.

Love, love, love Sarah and Susie.
(Tiffany, Sarah, Susie-May, 2014)


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