Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why I Love Being a Mom

I love having an excuse to stop what I'm doing and play a game.

I love sitting outside in the name of "watching" my children play, but enjoying sitting in the sun, visiting with neighbors and essentially doing "nothing."

I love listening to the laughter and innocence of children.

I love that my children (for the most part) still think I'm the best.

I love handwritten notes and drawings.

I love spontaneous kisses and I love yous.

I love the feeling of caring about someone so much.

I love seeing personalities develop.

I love the big smiles when my children see me after an extended absence.

I love that when we are somewhere and end up having two cars, everyone always wants to ride home with me. (This one is a total lie. I complain about this almost every time.)

I love when my children see me at school. There's something in their faces that tell me they love me and seeing me makes them happy.

I love that they love me unconditionally and forgive easily.

I love that right about now, they are missing me. And I, them.


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