Thursday, June 4, 2009

"She's Not Like You"

Last night, Luke described a mother he saw while at his fishing class who was not only "fishing with her kid, but unhooking the fish too." As Luke was concluding he added,

"I know she would gut it too."

"Oh" was all I could reply, until he said,

"She's not like you."


Not like me because he doesn't think she would look closely at all 5 of the baby fish he brought home even though I wanted them off of my property?

Not like me because she wouldn't finally give in to begging and allow her 71/2 year old to gut the fish on his own?

Not like me because she wouldn't listen to her husband and her father and finally allow an excited little fisherman to wash the gutted fish in my kitchen sink?

Not like me because she might have tasted the 3 inch fish he begged Daddy to help him cook?

Or not like me, because she didn't lay in bed last night with a proud smile on her face and a silent prayer in her heart because she hadn't heard her cute little 71/2 year old's bedtime prayer that said,

"Thank you that I caught five fish. Please bless I'll catch a big one next week."


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