Friday, January 8, 2010

Beauty Is. . .

When Megan was in First grade, we were introduced to the 'PTA Reflections Program.' I strongly urged Megan to enter. Mike agreed with me. After all, as his story goes, as a child he had to enter each year.

Then came second grade, and third grade and more kids in school, fourth grade and fifth grade and more kids in school... With homework, spelling tests, reading minutes and AR programs, and reports and spelling bees and science fair projects... really, who cares about an OPTIONAL project?
Not me.

One more deadline. One more reminder on the calendar. One more project for mom to keep track of due dates, guidelines, etc. etc.

Until this year, Luke mentioned,
"I want to draw something for that art thing?"

My words were encouraging, gentle and kind,
"Fine. Go for it. You're on your own though."

Luke drew it. I signed the entry paper. I reminded him to take it to school.

What do you know?

A few weeks later sitting in my PTA board meeting, I turned the time over to our Reflections Chairperson. She began to list the winners that we would need to reward. As she said each winner's names, she showed us their projects.

"Over achiever kids and mothers" were my skeptical thoughts.

And then Luke's name was mentioned. I think I gasped. Maybe even laughed.
We've always thought Luke was a good artist.

But a Reflection's winner?
This is a first.
(The piece was just returned to him this week and his request, "I want it framed and hung on my bedroom wall.)


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