Sunday, January 31, 2010

Church Genes

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing to do on the bottom stairs was to play church. I used to bend over into the corner of the hall and bear my testimony into a tiny little pipe attached to the wall. (Why I didn't ever ask for a toy microphone I'll never know.)

Equipped with the (old) hymn book, baby dolls and even bread... I played church.

It was one of my favorite past times.

Recently I was telling my friend that one of my children's favorite things to do together is 'play church.' My friend's question was, "Did you teach/tell them to play?"

No. I NEVER DID. In fact, when I told my children I used to do the same thing, they were surprised.

My kids sit on the stairs, use Megan's music stand, and give talks, say prayers and sing songs.

With the exception of them playing Primary, whereas I always played Sacrament Meeting, it is eerily similar. (Although I played alone with a couple of dolls instead of siblings.)

They are amusing to listen to.
(Even if I do feel mildly resentful that I never had a music stand, microphone and/or real people to play with.)

They imitate their primary teachers, leaders and choristers.
I don't think I've ever listened without laughing and smiling from another room.

Are these type of behaviors hereditary? Are my kids doomed to turn out like me?


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