Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot and Cold

Having spent the last week in sunny 65+ degree weather in December/January, I thought a lot about a principle I don't really love, yet am told is vitally important:


I loved the 65 degree weather even more than I usually love 65 degree weather, because back home I knew the temperature was barely even half that.

As I walked to the front desk of our classy Scottsdale resort to check out, I basked in the smell of some potted petunias and geraniums...(the ONLY annuals I will ever purchase/like), I mentioned to Megan,

"I wish we were going home to Spring, but instead it is the dead of winter. We have at least two months until we feel this temperature again."

Even longer than that until I can smell the flowers in my garden and pots while I sit on my front porch.

I have always loved the variety of seasons and weather. I LOVE rainy days, I LOVE sunshiny warm days, I like snowy, wintery days when I have nowhere to go, I tolerate hot days in July and cold days in January. I even enjoy smoggy days for a time. I LOVE the Spring, I LOVE the fall.

But, I do not love the principle of OPPOSITION.

I love happy, pleasant children.
I can barely tolerate whining, ornery children.

I love a clean, organized house.
More often than not, my house is dusty and cluttery.

I love obedience.
Too frequently I see disobedience.

To quote a song from a favorite album of mine, (My Turn on Earth)

You would never know the good if you never knew the bad.
You could never be happy if you've never been sad.
You've got to taste the bitter so you can know the sweet.
You've got to be hungry to be glad that you can eat.
It's called opposition my friend, opposition
A necessary condition in this world of ours.

Really though, I'd much rather just have everything be pleasant, easy and good.


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