Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something For Nothing

(The innocent (or guilty) brands/relatives/owners/givers shall all remain nameless.)

It all started when I happened to tell Mike that the doorbusters for Black Friday at my 'sister-in-laws family tie to a business' were dishwashers. Could he get one? How much were they? Anything will work better than ours? They didn't have stainless steel, end of story.

But, unfortunately, the story doesn't end there.

Black Friday came and went. Our dishwasher broke a few more spokes. Another wheel came off the bottom rack, and Mike's drinking glasses continued to come out of the dishwasher with undrinkable particles in them.

In a passing conversation, Mike happened to mention to our sister-in-law that a dishwasher was still on his mind.

In an unexpected turn of events, we were given a 'dishwasher that is in good condition.' We were thrilled. A good brand, not used very much dishwasher. And the most grateful part, no money would be accepted.

Wow. A new to us dishwasher.

Saturday mid-day, Mike began the dishwasher project. Mid-day passed, a trip to the store for parts was made. Afternoon; a couple more parts were purchased, a few phone-calls were made. Evening was upon us, and Mike was just about finished working on the dishwasher. A few, (ok, kind of a lot) of adjustments had been made.

"Get it loaded, Tiffany, turn it on and call me if there's a problem,"
directed my dear husband who was leaving to purchase one last part to make the dishwasher secure and firmly put in place.

I load the new dishwasher. I put in the soap. I turn it on. A noise indicates to me that it has started. The noise stops. I view this as 'a problem." I call Mike.

"Oh no," insists Mike, "One of the features of this dishwasher is the silence."
"Wow. it must be a good one." I excitedly reply, "You wouldn't even know it's running?"
Mike returns.
The dishwasher is still in it's 'silence mode.'

A phone call to the brother whose wife is the sister-in-law who's identity is being protected, further supports Mike's viewpoint, "Oh yeah" insists the brother, "They are quiet. I never even know when her parents is on."

By this point, ever the skeptic, yours truly, disagrees that the dishwasher isn't 'a silent one' but rather 'a not working one.'

I begin to wonder aloud. I firmly state my original position. I am sensing a problem.

Mike gets on his knees.

Not to pray. But to listen.

"I don't hear it" he timidly admits.

"Told you" I firmly respond.

"Just give it time," Mike, always the right one, declares.

And that was Saturday afternoon.

It is Tuesday night. The soap has not emptied from the dispenser. The dirty dishes have been removed.

I am looking for the positive whilst living without a dishwasher and having to do dishes by hand for the last three days.

#1 I WAS RIGHT. Mike was wrong. The dishwasher is not "a silent one" but rather, "a not working one."
#2 Paper products
#3 Ellie's attitude: "My very favorite thing to do is dry the dishes, but I think I will really like washing them too. That will be the most fun."

As for the dishwasher solution.
Don't ask.
We don't know.


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