Monday, July 25, 2011

A Crowded Bed

The three younger children and I were left home alone this weekend, while Mike and the older two children spent the weekend engaging in such activities as jet-ski riding, knee-boarding, fishing, splashing in a lake, being pulled on a tube behind a boat, and calling and awakening me from a deep slumber to say how glorious the shooting stars are while they lie on sleeping bags atop a houseboat.

I'm really not jealous much of the water activities, and even the sleeping on top of the houseboat would probably put my worrying in full gear, but what I was slightly envious of was the easy, lazy, night-time slumber I knew they would be enjoying under nature's brilliant light show while I enjoyed a not so comfortable night slumber back home.

Let me back up.
I adore sharing a bed with my husband, but I really quite enjoy the few times a year when for whatever reason I have a bed to myself.  And usually, there is a 'Mom sleeps by herself rule' when and if Daddy is gone...

On Friday morning, as the loaded car backed out of the driveway with excited and Lake Powell anticipating destinators waved us goodbye, a couple of the ones left behind waving, choked back tears as they sighed, "I will miss 'thum'" and "I really, really wish I could go with them." In a weak, I-feel-bad-for-my-children-left-behind mothering-moment I exclaimed, "Let's have a sleepover in my bedroom while they're gone!" In an instant the goodbyes were forgotten, and replaced with visions and plans of We're sleeping in Mom's room.

And oh boy did we have a sleepover...

(Please note: There are no photos of my sleeping children. It was hard enough to get them to fall asleep during our 'sleepovers' that there was NO WAY I was going to risk them waking up with the click of a camera.)

Somehow the "Look at this comfy bed I've made for you on the floor" on Friday night didn't quite appeal to the whole crowd. Instead, I've spent the last few evenings listening to teeth grinding, a sleep-talker, helping someone back into the bed who fell off (DUH--a possible clue there was quite possibly too many people in the bed!), and dealing with kicks to the face by someone who confused the pillow as a place for FEET not HEADS.

I was really looking forward to having Mike back home in my bed tonight, but I'm a little disappointed I didn't get the bed to myself for a night.  I wonder if Mike wouldn't mind if I offered HIM the "Look at this comfy bed I've made for you on the floor" that somehow didn't get used this weekend...


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