Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The NON-Birthday

It's no secret I LOVE birthdays and Mike doesn't so much. But after Mike's birthday last year (that you can read about HERE), I have spent the last year telling Mike that this year we will not be celebrating his birthday. Mike didn't seem to care whenever I would bring it up, except for a few snide comments here and there that he doesn't think I'd be able to really carry through with it.

Mike entered the kitchen this morning, probably indifferent to the fact that there were no upside down balloons hanging from our kitchen ceiling, with heartfelt messages from each family member. I however, cringed when entering the kitchen. It is SOMEBODY'S birthday and there were NO balloons and no 'birthday-set-table.'

This morning I left to buy a few groceries for a somewhat decent non-birthday dinner and when I came home, I found my house and yard like this:

I obviously forgot to tell my children that there was a NO-BIRTHDAY RULE for Dad this year. And now, we've got ourselves a big old birthday family carnefel being planned. Balloons are dangling from strings, carnefel games are all over, signs are hanging, and the kids are more excited than they've ever been on even  their birthdays.

And what about me?
Guess instead of a nice serving of birthday cake tonight, I'm going to be eating a big ole' dish of humble pie!

Happy NON Birthday Mike!!


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