Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

I have thought lately, that I love the 'eve' of an event. But why do we really only celebrate Christmas Eve? I love the night before birthdays, I love the night before school starts, I love the night before Easter, I love the night before a big event. Think about it. Isn't sometimes the anticipation just as great (sometimes even better!) than the actual day. And it isn't even the anticipation; it is the preparations, and the moments in preparation that become their own celebration of sorts.

(How cute is this? Luke and Ellie's homemade fans for hot attendees at our Water Baseball BBQ.)

Sunday night kind of became that way. An impromptu visit to my parents with just a couple of kids in tow became a pleasant few moments of anticipation, conversation, and preparation. So great! As we drove home, Luke reminisced about ''Independence Day Eve' last year. I was surprised that even me, with my own great memory, had forgotten some of the small details that Luke recalled. So it was with a great sense of satisfaction and excitement that we turned into our cul-de-sac and I exclaimed to Luke, 'There's your Eve Party.' Because there on our great friends driveway were fireworks, family members, and a party! Knowing we could sort of invite ourselves, we did. And oh what a fun late night!
(Luke was thrilled that this year I let him light a few himself!)

Chocolate Cake
(Megan was commissioned by her ornery mother to make a chocolate cake after church!)

Some questionable safety
(Kellen and Luke)

A poor scared to death toddler who kept his eyes closed and face the opposite way to the fireworks!

And of course, all that was just the beginning of even more fun on the big day...

Family and friends
Water Baseball Warm-Ups
The Game

As I collapsed into bed last night utterly exhausted, I still couldn't help but smile. It was a good kind of exhaustion.  And it is now official, July 4th--Independence Day--has been moved up from my second favorite holiday to my first. With that said, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. That holiday is a very close second.
Until next year...


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