Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh What Do You Do

One of my favorite Primary Songs from a child is the oldie "Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?". I have loved singing it in Primary a couple of times this summer. Apart from posing the question once on our chalkboard in the upstairs hall, I don't think of the song very often, but I was THRILLED when Joshua and Ellie sat eating breakfast the other morning on the bar stools and Joshua turned to Ellie and asked, (quoting part of the song)
"Do you want to count all the stars in the sky?"
to which Ellie replied,
"That's impossible Joshua!" "But we could (quoting the song) 'Swim in a pool to keep ourselves cool', can we Mom?"

What Do WE Do In The Summertime?

This year there have been far fewer outings and field trips, but we're doing things like:

Making impromptu, last minute trips to some water fountains at a nearby park.

We attend neighborhood parties with bands playing (and get blurry pictures because Megan and her Cousin Ben dance partner are swing dancing way too fast!).
We spend afternoons in the canyon with extended family, evenings on driveways with neighbors, hours on  back patios visiting with friends, kids splash and get wet, we read books, we do crafts, we clean toilets, we fight and argue,
These are lazy days of summer. So lazy in fact, that I rarely even grab a camera, but occasionally grab my cell phone to take pictures instead (thus the above quality!).

This week I had only two "have to's" on my calendar and it thrilled me.  Our long, lazy, days of summer are numbered, so we'll keep doing what we're doing for just a little longer, before real life kicks in again.
Lazy Summer Days.
Nothing quite compares.


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