Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Sunday Drive

Mike woke up on Sunday morning and exclaimed, "It is such a beautiful day, we need to enjoy it." Looking ahead to three hours of church smack dab in the middle of the beautiful day didn't lessen his desire, and he declared, "After church, let's go on a drive to Antelope Island to enjoy the sunset."

Late afternoon found us on the driveway waiting for Megan and Luke to quit fighting long enough to get in the car. Joshua gave up his seat as a peace offering, (Of all our children, Joshua is the closest to a peacemaker any of them could possibly get.) and we went on our way.

Mike and I considered turning around more than once, as the excitement of our spontaneous little roadtrip began waning fast. There are few things we dislike more than all five of our children riding in the car together.
Regardless, the time spent on the island was quite magnificent. The sunset was glorious, the children somehow got along (once we were there), and the beauty of our surroundings seemed to settle upon all of us, and seep into the behaviors and attitudes in a positive way.

The drive home was much better than the ride there, with the exception of a "shall remain nameless" child wiping a booger on an innocent sibling.

All in all, kudos go to Mike for suggesting such an outing.

We live in a beautiful state.

(sad we forgot our "real" camera, but guess a cell phone suffices)


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