Monday, November 18, 2013

A Welcome Boost

Volunteering in my children's classrooms isn't one of my favorite things to do.The patience required to work with in a classroom full of grade-school children, often seems beyond the patience limit my personality has. I didn't do it at all during the years I was heavily involved in PTA, but last year and this one, I've given it a valiant effort.

On the mornings I go into Ellie's classroom to volunteer, there is always a journal writing prompt on the screen (note I didn't say chalkboard!) for the children to write about. I always wish I could sit down and write my thoughts from the prompt, but instead I help the struggling students improve their reading scores. (Which even though I said I don't always enjoy volunteering in the classroom, I have loved this assignment. It is very rewarding to see some of these children improve over the weeks. Others break my heart.)

The other day when I walked in, the journal prompt was, "I can't imagine living without..." My immediate thought was "being able to see." I interpreted the assignment as things, rather than people. 

I was pleasantly surprised when Ellie showed up at the table I was at a few minutes later and showed me her assignment...

Love mothering moments like this.


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