Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mike, Tiffany and a "Hollywood" Debut

I recently recalled an assignment I had in a Minority Relations class at the University of Utah, almost 20 years ago. We had to list all of the "hats" we wear. College student, bus-rider, employee, sister, daughter, etc. are a few that I remember listing at the time. Our assignment was then to expound on what situations we found ourselves a minority in.

I think the reason I thought about the assignment was because while getting ready to leave the house yesterday morning, I laughed when I thought about where I was going...

To film a commercial for Caterpillar machines for Wheeler Machinery.

The hat I wore today was as an owner of a landscape construction company, and I had to give my two cents about why I love their machinery??

Back to why I remembered my college assignment....I'm quite certain that among my peers, I am a minority in some of the hats I wear...dealing with a dying goat one day, filming a Caterpillar commercial a couple days later.

The night before my filming debut, I texted a dear friend to tell her I could no longer keep an appointment. Her reply was a compliment, "Now you can add movie star to the list of amazing things you already do." It meant a lot, and I was quite flattered by her comment.

The same night, I emailed my BFF the dilemma I was facing. I asked sincerely, "So, what exactly should I wear for a Caterpillar machinery commercial tomorrow? Yes. That is my dilemma for the evening."
Her reply?

So much for the boost of confidence from HER.

Back to the commercial filming. (And no, you won't be seeing the commercial during any prime time television. It will be used primarily for Wheeler Machinery's own marketing efforts.) While waiting for the film crew to arrive, Mike walked around the job site doing what he does. I felt a little out of place. OK, kind of a lot out of place. I mean, what was I supposed to do? Start laying sod? Climb in a piece of equipment? Shake people's hands? I couldn't figure out what to do to look official. So instead I sat inconspicuously at a nearby abandoned picnic table and sent photos of myself in a hard hat and safety vest to Megan and my BFF.

The crew arrived at the most inconvenient time--just as I was calling the school to excuse Luke's absence because I left him at home providing daycare for Drew. Not that I'm embarrassed to be a mother, but I didn't want my first impression to be on the phone taking care of "mom business." I'm sure Mike gave it all away when he sarcastically said, "Oh! Important customer call?" as I approached to shake everyone's hands.

So... I'm not exactly the most "hands on" business owner, and Mike scripted me on the drive there as to why exactly I love Wheeler Machinery and Caterpillar products.

I was kind of a fake.
Well, not a business owner fake, but a lover of machinery fake.

Fortunately the recording was not live, and they told me several times they can edit the interview quite "flawlessly" to make it flow well in the final product. Which is a good thing, because there may or may not have been a few questions that I either laughed at or answered with something resembling, "Uh. I don't know anything about that."
Mike on the other hand was a natural.
Helps that he KNEW what he was talking about, but still between the interview part and the still photo shoot part, he was asked more than once if he had interview/modeling experience.
Mike wanted to die when they asked him to put his foot up on the equipment and "pose."
I'm sure my hysterical laughing in the background had something to do with Mike ending up with a few bouts of the giggles himself too.

  (photo courtesy of Tom Zdunich of LENZ works)

 (photo courtesy of Tom Zdunich of LENZ works)
Then when I was asked to put on my hard hat and the photographer suddenly started snapping away at me, I really couldn't stop laughing.
Since when does my life include photo shoots wearing a hard hat? Or for that matter any photo shoot?!
I may be the owner of Sinc Constructors Co. on paper, but 99% credit goes to Mike who manages day-to-day operations. He's worked hard to build this company. Considering he started the company in bed while on bed rest, with instructions to lift nothing heavier than 10lbs for 6 months following his back surgery, he's come along way.
(These were not "set-up" scenes. Our workers continued to work hard on the job, while the film crews did their job too.)
I should take credit for playing a supportive (and important decision making) role.
We make a good team.
 (photo courtesy of Tom Zdunich of LENZ works)
 (photo courtesy of Tom Zdunich of LENZ works)

All in all, the day ended up being a definite highlight for Mike and me. The people we spent hours with were fabulous! I wish I'd have done the interview part later in the day when I felt much more comfortable with everyone. I loved them all! If Mike and I didn't have our own company to run, I'd definitely want to be an employee of Wheeler. But as neither of us are in the market for a new job right now, we'll stick with being their customer instead. What a company! (And no, that wasn't part of my script. I discovered that all on my own after a great day with some top notch people out there in the business world.) I'm also not much in the market for a video made about myself, but if I were, or ever am...I'll be using the same recording crew at LENZ works. Great day!

So thinking again to my old college assignment...Here's the hat I wore today.
No pun intended.
 (photo courtesy of Tom Zdunich of LENZ works)


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