Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just a Few December Highlights

I love the month of December. I could almost do without Christmas day and just enjoy the whole month as a celebration instead. Here's a few of our December highlights...

Temple Square with our (newish) friends, the Garr Family.

Megan, somewhat last minute able to go to the Piano Guys concert. The look on her face when she found out in a hot chocolate shop on Temple Square that she could go was priceless.
(She forgot to take a photo of herself there!)

No photos, but definite memories of...

  • The children going to the advent house each morning and securing a new piece of candy.
  • A caroling hayride with some friends and neighbors.
  • Watching Megan accompany the 8th grade choir at her school, and then perform with her 9th grade choir at their school Christmas concert.
  • The evening we gathered around the television as a family eating cheese and crackers and Ferrero Rochers, and drinking water from water bottles. It was all kum by yah and bliss until a point everyone became a little wild and Mike sent everyone to bed, and he and I finished watching The Sound of Music in our bedroom. For days after Joshua would ask, "Can we do like we did the other night and drink water from water bottles and have cheese and crackers sitting in the family room?" It's the little things....
  • Getting a washer/dryer set for my master bathroom! Now I have two sets to run. Laundry is my favorite chore, and when Mike took me out on Christmas Eve to buy them we were both a little surprised at my giddiness.
  • The kids all sleeping over at Mike's parents house, Mike home sick in bed, and me visiting my brothers and sis-in-laws at my parents house. Playing a game with them all and laughing lots.

Megan wondering why there is such a big deal about baby's first Christmases, so she made shirts for her and Mike exclaiming what Christmas it is for them.
(Mike's is incorrect. It is his 42nd Christmas.)

FINALLY going to the Messiah Sing-In that my friend is a part of each year.
(My dear friend Paula plays the cello, and I smiled every time I looked over at her playing. What talent! I wished I could have taken a photo of us together, but she was kind of popular after the event. )

 I kept this date open for weeks and turned down several obligations so I could finally attend. No children wanted to accompany us. Bliss. Bummer.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. The location was magnificent, and the ambiance of the old Kaysville LDS tabernacle, certainly lent itself to such an event.
Sitting in the building was easy to imagine we were sitting in a beautiful building in England a couple of centuries ago. Definitely putting it on my calendar for next year.

The children going to see Santa was a definite highlight of December, even though Mike went alone with Ellie, Joshua and Drew. I was sad Megan and Luke didn't want to go, and it wasn't so much they didn't want to, but the timing of it wasn't great.
I vacillate back and forth from the younger children and older ones, and Santa... But looking at these photos reminds me how temporary it all really is.

I will miss it.


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