Sunday, December 15, 2013

Megan's Christmas Choir

Last Saturday my kitchen/family room was full of 25+ people singing Christmas songs. There are few things I love more about Christmas than joining in singing songs of the season. I was overcome by the spirit of Christmas as adults and children sang together some of the traditional songs of the season...

All a result of Megan and her hard work accomplishing a project for her Young Women Personal Progress. (A program in our church that helps teenage girls set goals and work to accomplish them.)

Megan put together a "Children's Choir." With the exception of me sitting on the couch looking 'threatening' during a couple of practices (After a full day at school, 15 children age 4-11 weren't always thrilled to be 'obeying' a teenage girl.), and Mike helping rearrange furniture on concert day, and me baking some cookies, Megan set this goal and accomplished it entirely on her own.

It was so fun during the practices to see Megan perched up on a stool playing the piano and leading/instructing the children at the same time. She doesn't get her musical talent from me. But her talent for being able to be in charge and boss children around? Yes. That would come from me.
Starting in mid-November, she held 4 after-school practices, and a couple of individual practice sessions.
Based off of the practices, I wondered how the final results at the concert would be. I should never have doubted anything. The concert was fabulous!

It was a joyous occasion watching sweet children sing songs of the season, with all the innocence of children.

I loved that Megan held "auditions" for the children to try out for solo parts, after ascertaining which children were even interested in participating in a solo, duet, or small group part. I was proud of Megan for her ability to help children stretch themselves and do hard things. A couple of the soloists were so nervous to participate, but oh boy, did they all do a perfect job!
(Every time this little boy stayed after choir practice to practice his solo, I would stop what I was doing to listen. Such a sweet song, and such a sweet little voice singing. One of the definite highlights of the concert.)
(Ellie sang the first verse of 'Silent Night', before the choir joined in for the 2nd and 3rd verse. Of course it made me cry. )

I had so many favorite moments from this short Christmas concert. With the exception of a few photos, most of my memories were captured with my heart.

For 25 minutes, it felt like a little bit of heaven touched down in my home on a snowy December afternoon.
Kudos to Megan.

"...and a little child shall lead them."
Isaiah 11:6


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