Monday, April 28, 2008

Disliked Clothing, Ornery and Stubborn Children, A Happy Occasion

This last weekend, Mike's youngest brother Rob got married. Mike's parents were smart to use the occasion as an opportunity to get a family picture (which I don't have a copy of.) All the young girls had matching dresses and everyone else was instructed to wear black, white or red. It was absolute chaos to get the pictures, but it was so fun seeing all those little children in matching clothes. As you can see, I did separate all boys and all girls picture to make it a little easier. The littlest ones (and of course Ellie) did not co-operate well. And for the record, I, (yes me, Tiffany) had to say I was proud to be a part of the group. I think it is fun for my children to have so many cousins their age. I just wish they could get together more often.

PS-The picture in the middle is of Joshua and Suede. They are cousins, 2 weeks apart in age. Suede lives across the country and I wanted so badly for a picture of them together. I tried so hard and none were good, this one is my favorite though-it shows exactly why we didn't get a good shot---they kept getting up and leaving!

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