Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Megan-Our First-Born Achiever

The other night Megan was honored at West Bountiful Elementary's Night of Recognition. She was honored for three separate achievements; being in the top ten percent NATIONALLY for language and science (IOWA Test), being able to type 40 words per minute (a 6th grade requirement, not 3rd!), and was awarded a silver medal (2nd highest in her class) for reading the most books/AR points. Way to go Megan. We are very proud of her. When Megan was 4 years old, I came home from Young Women's one night, and Mike and Megan were so proud to show me that she could read. Sure enough she could! She began to read at a young age (99% credit goes to Mike), and she has loved it ever since. Keep up the good work Megan!
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